Tarotscopes for August 16 to August 22

For this weeks tarotscopes I’m working with the very interesting and unique Twilight Realm Faery tarot.  These card work with some interesting images and symbolisms that hearken to the RWS tarot but with a very strong twist.  The cards this week all lend to a feeling of people dealing with issues of balance and possibly working through feeling of confusion and things just being a little “off”.  This isn’t too unusual since we are about to hit a Mercury retrograde this Friday the 20th that will last until September the 12th.  Be sure to use the early part of the week to take care of any business dealings, wrapping up projects, and anything that might require any signing of papers or working out contractual agreements.  Remember that everyone is going to get a bit edgy by the end of the week to be patient with them as well as yourself.

Tarotscopes for Monday August 16, 2010 through Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aries  Three of Wands
Goals and projects that you have been working on will start to move a little bit faster this week by accepting the help of others around you.  You have be trying to do too much on your own and this could be part of what is causing delays or feelings that you’re not getting to where you want to be right now.  Working with others helps to ease some of your tensions this week and brings along some much needed connection time with others who have been trying to get your attention but you may have been too busy too notice.  Accept the help and use the extra time this may give you for nurturing yourself a bit and doing something you really want to do for yourself rather than just something you feel you have to do.

Taurus  Ace of Wands
Are you ready for a week of getting things done?  If you truly are willing to get up and get things done the energy surrounding this week will be able to really help you reach your goals and push you through seeing some real progress.  Keeping in mind that Mercury goes retrograde on Friday, use the early part of the week to define your goals, especially around personal projects or things that you’d like to do for yourself, and make progress.  Grab that magick wand in front of you, focus your intentions and direct that power toward your goals and go for it!

Gemini  Ace of Rings
A number of new possibilities are coming your way and this week could be the beginning of some new financial changes.  This will be a good week to sit down and take a look at your personal finances and see where some change could possibly be made.  Things that before might not have made sense or might not have been possible will start to be clear now and changes for bringing in a little extra income may start to pop up as well.  Look for opportunities to use your magickal talents to fill any of those gaps in the bills that might show up.

Cancer  King of Swords
This week you may find that there are reasons for you to step up and take the leader role with those around you.  A desire to see things get done in an organized fashion will have you ready to take up the sword and rule things your way this week.  Keeping balanced in your desire to help everyone else around you while filling a much needed “take charge” role, especially in the work place, will have you busy this week.  But it will end with all good things and by the time the end of the week comes around you’ll be feeling like this have really gotten done.

Leo  2 of Rings
You’ve been working hard, juggling two things, maybe even more, all at once and trying to do far too much at once.  This is OK sometimes but over time this can it can lead to confusion and not knowing which way is up.  With the Mercury retrograde coming up at the end of the week it’s important to make sure that you have things as balanced as possible with your juggling act before the week is out.  Make sure that this week you take a little time to look at the things you’re juggling and see what needs to be prioritized and then take things one at a time once Friday comes and as we move through this retrograde.

Virgo  7 of Rings
We all know that hard work over time yields better results in the long term than trying to make money in a “get rich quick” sort of way.  We can chase all the rainbows we want looking for that mystical pot of gold losing time looking for nothing while we could be using that time to work on making real progress towards our financial goals with hard work.  This week will be a good time to take a look at where you’re progress is with regards to financial progress to see where you’re at now and see how much further you have to go to get to your goals.  It’s important to remember that patience is part of the hard work, but you’re on the right path so keep working!

Libra  Ace of Swords
Challenges may be abound this week and it’s possible that things will be a bit of a challenge for you with the upcoming Mercury retrograde, but remember that being balanced in everything that you do can help make challenges a bit easier to work through.  The sword can be used for good or ill depending on the why it’s used and the motivation within the person that holds it.  Keep this in mind this week as you are faced with challenges, especially in the case of personal relationships with friends and family, and remember to use your words carefully and pick your battles wisely.

Scorpio  5 of Rings
The feeling of being frozen out by those around you, especially if you’re looking for support or help, may be a key element to your week this week.  It’s important to keep in mind that there’s always power in our perceptions of things as well.  What we might be seeing and feeling might not be what is truly going on around us.  Instead of letting your thoughts mount and become more than they really are, letting your mind run wild, try and really see what it is that is really going on around you while also being sure to look to others to try and keep you balanced, focused, and in the here and now.  Also be sure to get your rest this week and keep yourself healthy; you could find yourself easily falling ill this week.

Sagittarius  The Chariot
A lot of progress will be made this week, especially in the area of work and financial obligations, but you need to keep yourself motivated and ready and willing to work and do what needs to be done.  There is an element of balance necessary in all of this during the week, especially with regards to dealing with your emotions and how you approach things.  By keeping yourself focused and staying on track this could be a week where you finally see some progress and possibly see some of your goals met.  Just keep cool and keep on course.

Capricorn 9 of Wands
You may find that this week your defenses are particularly on guard and you may being to feel a bit suspicious of people you have been working with on projects either at work or on a personal level.  You’ll find that being prepared to possibly have to deal with the unexpected this week will keep you from possibly having some real problematic road bumps in your path.  Just be careful that your preparedness doesn’t turn into stubbornness with those around you this week.

Aquarius   10 of Swords
If you’ve been dealing with some difficult problems and situations, especially with specific people in your life, over the last few weeks you’ll find that this week will bring a few moments of hope to possibly see things more clearly through.  Things may be difficult but you’ll have a chance to start to make some progress towards seeing how to work things out thanks to a bit of a reprieve in things.  If the problem is strain in the family you’ll find that by laying down your sword, taking a moment to see yourself in someone else’s shoes, you’ll be able to get through everything a bit easier.

Pisces  Prince of Swords
This week you’ll want to be careful with how you approach those that may try and challenge you this week.  You might find that your natural reaction is to fly off the handle, so to speak, with the way you’re approached, but it’s important to remember that giving people more fuel to add to their fire can only fall on you when things explode later.  Make sure that you get any of your important conversations or potentially confrontational issues out of the way in the early part of the week before the Mercury retrograde to help quell any of these possible problems later on.

Have a great week everyone!

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