Tarotscopes for August 23 to August 29

Happy last full week of August everyone!  Can you believe it!?!  When I was getting down the dates for this week’s tarotscopes I was in absolute shock to see that August has just about completely passed us by!  And to think it’s been a whole month since I was in New Orleans!  It feels like just yesterday.  So the month is flying by, Mabon is quickly approaching here in the Northern Hemisphere and we’re in the beginnings of a Mercury Retrograde that started this past Friday.  All I can say is many of these things show up in this week’s tarotscopes.  I also decided to do something a little different this week.  I’m working with a deck that I haven’t worked with for the tarotscopes yet, Norbert Lösche’s Cosmic Tarot (the image to the left is the High Priestess card from this deck).  I decided while getting them out that this week I would work with traditional reversed cards.  Usually I don’t work with reversed cards and instead, if a card comes out reversed, I take that into consideration when reading it but I don’t automatically assign anything specific to it, like a specific upright verse reversed meaning.  But for today I have and they have been noted by the Rx next to the card name.

Tarotscopes for Monday August 23, 2010 through Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aries  Two of Swords
This week you’re mission is to pick your battles.  At least, if you want to get anything done, you’re going to need to make some choices.  You can easily sit and be distracted by other things this week and you’ll find that it will be simple for you to get pulled into doing something other than what’s on your already overcrowded “to do” list.  However, if you take the time to decide what needs to get done and prioritize what you have to do there will be a better chance of you getting something productive done.

Taurus  Queen of Swords
You mind yourself thinking back fondly on the past, especially past relationships, looking for ways to bring some of the passion and joy of the past into your life now to spice things up a bit.  The Queen of Swords can often come to us to remind us that we might be getting a bit too serious, maybe a little sterile and boring, especially when it comes to love.  In many of the stories of the tarot this Queen is the lonely divorcee or widow, so seeing her can be a reminder that if we make a few changes we wont end up in the same state as her.  Take time this week to make room for love and fun, even if you have to move mountains to do it.

Gemini  Nine of Swords, Rx
If the last few weeks have had you feeling a bit stressed and feeling like things were never going to slow down so you could take a break, this week should provide a bit of that room that you have been in need of.  A time of anxiety and non-stop motion is coming to a slow end and you’ll begin to feel this as the week moves on.  This is especially good for you with the current Mercury Retrograde going on since the last thing you’ll be looking for this week is to add more stuff to your plate during a time knowing for complications to pop up.  Take this time and use it to rest and get your head on straight again and don’t fight the urge to take a name or veg in front of the TV.  You’ve earned it.


Cancer Three of Wands, Rx
You may find yourself feeling somewhat stuck or blocked, both creatively and spiritually this week, and you may find that you point this feeling inward blaming yourself for this lack of flow.  Don’t fall into this trap and instead, consider that there could be others around you either holding you back or projecting their own lack of balance and creativity onto you.  Is there someone around you that might get a little jealous at things you create, whether it’s a beautiful piece of artwork or a really nice Sunday dinner?  Do you have family over and find that, no matter how hard you try to make things perfect, you have that one person that is always looking for something to criticize and ruin your day?  These people are the ones that you need to distance yourself from for the time being, this week especially, so that you can refocus and find your flow once again.

Leo  Ace of Wands, Rx
Your creative work, ideas, and projects are at a point where you’re still working to grow and develop them, but you may be in a bit of a hurry to get them out there into the public realm, looking to share your work with the world.  Whether this is something that you’re doing on the side, like a creative writing project, crafting a line of jewelry or something else that you’ll be marketing to the world, or if it’s something related to work like a project proposal, be sure that you’re excitement for what you have to offer others isn’t pushing you to work too fast.  You may find that what you think is perfect and ready to be out on the market is actually still in it’s infancy and needs some work.  Better to take your time and perfect your work than rush and find yourself having to redo things later.


Virgo Five of Wands
This week you may find yourself a bit on edge around certain people in your life, especially those that you may work with in some capacity whether it’s at your job or on some sort of volunteer committee or in some other group.  Certain people may push you in a way that often causes you to feel that you have to compete for attention or compete for praise; this could also be someone that makes you feel that you just have to compete to be heard!  If you find yourself challenged by a few people in this way, remember that you need to keep your cool otherwise, when you are heard, you may say something that isn’t going to do you any good.  Rather that let this person or persons get you agitated, use this sense of competition as a way to push yourself to do more and do better, but do it with grace.

Libra  Judgement, Rx
This could prove to be a bit of a sticky week for you, one where things from the past  could come to sort of “haunt” you.  If you find that this week you feel as though past decisions are coming back to effect you now, whether ones that might not have been made with the best intentions or ones that may have been made when you weren’t thinking clearly, don’t beat yourself up over them and don’t feel that you have created a terrible hole for yourself.  Instead, focus on how you can bring things back into balance.  What karmaic issues may be connected to your past decisions and how are they impacting things now?  Can you find a way to easily work with them and make amends?  Even if this means using the old “write a letter but don’t send it, burn it” trick in order to set things right with someone from your past that you have no contact with currently, you are still putting the energy out there and creating some balance.  Just remember that nothing is ever completely set in stone and your path can always be changed.

Scorpio Eight of Wands, Rx
You know how some people find that Mercury Retrograde impact them in such a way that they almost go into hiding during the whole 28 days of the cycle while everyone else wonders what the heck they’re doing?  This week you may find that you learn a little bit about why some people react that way.  This is going to be a week of delays, missed opportunities, and unfortunate mishaps.  This is not going to be the week for planning anything big and definitely not a good time to plan to sign any contracts, make any major purchases or do anything really big that could be considered “life changing”.  This will be a great week for looking into these sorts of things more, though.  If you are planning on buying a new car, for example, rather than running down to the dealership and making the purchase this week, do a little more research into the car you’re looking at and maybe do a little shopping around for a better price.  If you’re thinking of looking for a new job, this week would be a better time to double check that your resume and references are tip-top rather than pounding the pavement.  Take it easy and try to just go with the flow as much as possible.

Sagittarius  Two of Cups
One of the most important things that we have in our lives besides our family are our friends.  Whether you have 100 good friends or 3 really close ones, it doesn’t matter.  They are important and special people in our lives that deserve to know we love and care for them in a very special way.  This week, take time to honor and appreciate your friends in a way that you maybe haven’t recently.  We all have busy lives and things can get away from us, but it’s always important to keep our friends close to us as best we can.  Give a close friend a call this week and make plans for a night out for dinner and conversation; make plans to reconnect in some way that will be meaningful for both of you that will help you to remember just how special this relationship is for you both.  Close friendships, especially ones with best friends, are like marriages in a sense; this person is someone we are committed to and who we stick with for better or for worse.  Like marriages, they need to be kept fresh and alive.

Capricorn  Queen of Wands
The Queen of Wands can be a very enchanting woman, a Queen among queens who really stands out and shines above all else.  This week the Queen of Wands reminds you that you too can shine and be the sparkle in someone’s life if you really wish to be.  The Queen of Wands and her creative energy and her ability to keep people captivated is something that we can all use from time to time.  Is there something coming up this week where you’ll need to be the center of attention?  Is there someone that could use a little cheering up this week through your shining personality?  You may find this week that you are the one that has to be “on” and has to pull from their creative minds to uplift and entertain those around them.  You can do this because we all have the power to wield her wand if we’re willing to put ourselves out there and take the risk.

Aquarius  Eight of Pentacles
Over the course of this week you may find that you’re both thirsting for knowledge and looking to show the world what you have learning so far.  Knowledge and education, whether for personal enrichment, career advancement, or traditional school learning, are all important aspects of our lives.  When we stop learning we stop growing.  But, at the same time, it doesn’t do us any good to gather information and never put it to use or share it with others.  This week take the time to find ways to share your skills and knowledge with others while adding to this storehouse of wisdom.  Learning more about yourself and your area of expertise though teaching someone else.  So whether it’s teaching your teenage kids how to change their own tire, showing a friend how to bake that awesome cake they’re always asking you to make for get togethers, or sharing professional knowledge at work, you will learn more about yourself through this process and you’ll probably find yourself pulling even more bits of wisdom from places to help answer questions and thus, learning more!

Pisces  The Tower, Rx
You may find yourself on a bit of unsteady ground this week, especially when it comes to work or areas where authority are involved.  Things could always be worse, and that’s one thing that you can do well to keep in mind, but it would also benefit you to do all that you can to keep things calm on your end of things by staying cool and focused.  Any disruptions this week are likely going to be ones that you have had some sort of idea were coming up, whether through actual first hand knowledge or just having that feeling.  None of these disturbances should come as a big shock.  Don’t make any big plans this week and don’t do anything to try and change existing plans that have been set for a while.  Just go with the flow.

Have a great week everyone!

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