Tarotscopes for August 30 to September 5

This week I thought I would take a sort of “back to basics” approach with doing the tarotscopes and I found myself pulling out the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. This is one of my favorite decks to work with when I feel a need to reconnect with the tarot in the way that I learned it so many years ago.  And right now with working on putting together my upcoming tarot class “In The Cards”, which will be focused on the Rider-Waite deck, it helps to spend time with it every now and then.   So with this week’s reading the feeling of analyzing things, looking a little deeper into our lives and certain situations we may be facing, comes up quite a bit in one way or another for each of us.  We see the moon move through Taurus, Gemini and Cancer this week before ending on Sunday moving into Leo.  So the week will go from a strong and stubborn start to feeling like nobody is really listening to anything we say mid week to ending with some strong emotional feelings but people possibly being a bit too passive to do anything about it.  This could be a somewhat frustrating week for dealing with emotions and interpersonal relationships but at least the kids will be going back to school and they’ll be too busy to bother you.  🙂

Tarotscopes for Monday August 30, 2010 through Sunday, September 5, 2010

Aries  Ace of Cups
After a somewhat emotional and draining few weeks you may find that this week, for the first time in a while, you’re feeling as though your proverbial loving cup of emotions is so full that it’s running over.  Be open to possibility of using this week and this feeling of emotional fullness and balance to repair and smooth over any problems that developed over the past few weeks with friends and loved ones and know that you’ll always have “up” times like these after you’ve been down.  Don’t dwell on the things that are in the past now and just move forward with a loving and grateful heart.

Taurus  Page of Cups
Help may come from an unlikely source this week, especially when you’re not looking for it.  The seas may seem a little rocky this week but someone who may be younger and more of a quiet “in the background” type comes to your aid with support and love when they see you’re struggling.  Your challenge will be accepting that support without questioning their motives or their ability to truly help you without you being condescending to them because of their age or perceived lack of experience in life.  This person will surprise you in more ways than one!

Gemini  The Emperor
You’ve come to a point now in your path where it’s time to start looking at other ways to handle situations that may challenge you from a less “head first” perspective.  Rather than going into everything with brute force intending to overpower others you’re dealing with, it’s time to consider more logical, planned, thought out action.  This week, rather than dealing with things with a solider mentality, running in to do battle, do things from the place of an emperor as someone who knows how to do battle and who’s been through the war before but who’s gained the wisdom and knowledge to deal with their opponents from a more peaceful angle.  Take the higher road this week in arguements and struggles with friends and coworkers and you’ll feel better about things in the end.

Cancer  The Empress
This week is a great week to take a moment to sit back and enjoy to things in your life that bring you true happiness, especially family and friends.  It takes a lot of work to keep families and groups of friends together and happy and you have a natural ability to nurture these relationships in your life.  Not everyone in your life might need this sort of tending to and you may not always feel driven to be the one that holds things together, but when you are in the mindset of wanting to care for those around you in a “motherly” way you give it all you’re got.  So it’s about time you sit back and just enjoy these relationships and all they give to you in return.  And if this week you have kids going back to school, feel proud seeing them off and know you’ve done the best you can to prepare them for this next page in their lives.

Leo  King of Wands
Fire and passions will ignite this week, especially in the creative mind, but you’ll need to be willing to actually put in the time and effort to making them provide something tangible.  Sometimes it can be so easy for us to just sit back and come up with some great ideas for things that we would like to do or wonderful plans for the next great invention that the world needs, but if we don’t actually get up and do something about it the idea itself is useless to us.  Make sure that if you find yourself coming up with some great idea that you just can’t seem to push aside this week that you do something with it and make something happen rather than sit on it letting it go nowhere.  Let your natural, bold and fiery Leo nature give you that push to do what you need to do.


Virgo Five of Pentacles
There’s a reason that the poor often stay poor and the rich get richer and it comes from their mental projection of their circumstance.  This week try and keep in mind the basic ideas that often come into place with the Law of Attraction; you get back what you put out there, especially in the way of thoughts.  If you think yourself poor, you make yourself poor.  If you think you never have enough to be happy or comfortable, then you’ll find that no matter what you never feel like you have what you truly need to be happy.  You can easily begin to turn your luck and fortune around by letting your mind put the right vibes out there and then the Universe with follow through with what you think into existence.  It’s not an easy transition to make, but it’s one that you will find, once you get into the habit of doing, you will begin to see and feel the results of.

Libra  The World
Things that you have been working away at are finally going to start to come to fruition and to an end that will give you a little bit of a reprieve, at least long enough to catch your breath before the next big thing comes along to occupy your mind and time.  There may be a few small glitches in the process of this during the week, especially if getting paid for something you’ve been doing is part of the closure part of things this week (be prepared for a possible delay there).  Even with any delays you’ll find that your efforts will be rewarded well and that you will really feel like you’ve done some great work to be proud of.

Scorpio  Strength
Don’t be surprised if you find yourself having to be the one that does the most work and take on the most struggles this week both at the workplace and at home.  If you’re dealing with kids going back to school this week you can be sure that they will be anything but helpful around the home; at work you may find that everyone is a bit distracted and they turn to you for a little extra help and support.  You’ll do fine with all of this but you may begin to feel that by the end of the week you need someone to come in and help you stay upright because you’ve stretched yourself so thin.  Being strong also means knowing your limits so if you have to say no to someone, don’t feel guilty.  Just know that you’d be of no use to them anyway if you pass out from exhaustion.

Sagittarius  King of Swords
You have the power to really do a lot of good this week with really well placed words and thoughts, especially if you find yourself in a position where you have to be the one to moderate a problem in the workplace or be the one to keep things from exploding in a heated situation with friends.  This week you’re power of calm control and rightly placed words will be key to preventing a possibly explosive situation from being set off.  It’s important to remember that having your feet firmly planted on the ground and keeping your head out of the clouds this week will keep you able to see things from a clear perspective and that will help you to really see just when you may be needed to help out those around you this week.  You’ll find that being fair and logical will be the best approach but don’t allow yourself to be too cold or too calculated.  Listen to your emotions as well and let your intuition guide you a bit as well, but know that in the end it’s your ability to really sort things out and put everyone in order that will be at work here.

Capricorn  Page of Swords
This week you might find yourself feeling a bit frustrated with those around you, especially in situations where you are doing what you believe to be is your best at asserting yourself and trying to get your points across in a kind and congenial way.  The problem is it’s possible many people really don’t take you seriously, especially in the given situation you may find yourself in, because in the past you may have done a good job at distancing yourself from similar things or seeming as though you don’t care about the outcome.  So, for example, if this is the week you decide to step up at work and take charge of a department meeting when every other week you’ve shown up late and spend the whole meeting with your nose buried in your phone sending emails and text messages, don’t be surprised that nobody really jumps up to listen to what you may be trying to say.  Let this be a sign for you for the future and begin to show your interest and emotions instead of always trying to be the impartial observer.

Aquarius  Queen of Cups
Over the course of this week it might be helpful for you to spend time reflecting on your emotions and how your emotions impact you on a deeper level, especially when it comes to your health.  Our emotions can really have a big role in whether or not we recover quickly from an illness or injury.  We also know that we can easily fall into illness when we let negative emotions and stress rule our lives.  If you find yourself feeling extra tired this week, run down and like you’re starting to feel sick, take a little time to think about how you’re doing emotionally and pay attention to any cues you may get from that.  It’s possible that a stressful situation at work or in a relationship is just draining too much energy from you and by clearing away any negativity tied to that and turning your emotions around into a positive direction could bring you to a healthier you as well.

Pisces  Two of Cups
Sometimes we can give and give and give to someone really close to us and it seems that they are never quite satisfied and they still come looking for more.  This can be in the sense of help in the physical world, like the friend who’s always asking to borrow money or who seems to only ever ask for you a ride, or it can be in the way of emotions because somehow you’re the only one who could possibly ever understand this person and their problems.  Giving and caring for those around us is an important part of life but you need to remember that the give and take of a relationship should go both ways, not one person always giving and the other always selfishly taking.  This week you may find yourself in a position of having to reevaluate a close friendship because of these very issues.  You may find that putting a little distance between you both for a time will help but you may end up needing to end the relationship altogether.  Don’t feel bad and know that you need to care for yourself too!  Your life can’t always be about the needy people around you.

Have a great week everyone!

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