Tarotscopes for May 17 to May 23

This week there seems to be a theme among us all with balance, and for many there is a need to attune with the elements.  Mercury Retrograde may have ended on May 11th, but things wont be fully back to “normal” until May 28th when Mercury passes the point where it first went retrograde, making the need to get back into balance over this next week completely understandable.  So take the time this week to be focused on finding your inner balance again and soon you’ll find any mental, emotional or spiritual fog around you clearing out.

Tarotscopes for Monday, May 17, 2010 through Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aries The Canoe
Have you find yourself on a path of self discovery  lately but have felt a little lost?  You may have come to a point where you have become so wrapped up in the details of the journey that you have lost your actual goal and purpose.  Don’t be surprised if this week you find that more confusion is thrown into your way by the words and ideas of others. This week you’ll really need to take time to refocus, recenter and reaffirm within yourself the reason and purpose of what you’re doing so you can keep on track through this bit of confusion.  You have the ability to navigate the rough misty waters with the right direction.

Taurus Nine of Water
If you have been feeling like something has been missing lately you may have been unaware that you have been trying to fill that space with material possessions.  Over indulging in things like shopping happen when we just feel like there is a hole in our lives which usually means we have been disconnected from our spiritual side and the Divine.  If your feeling a disconnect take time to start focusing on the Divine again.  Set up a small altar in the home to honor the Goddess and God and place offerings either daily or once a week, however you feel called, and ask the Divine to join with you on your path and help being you back into spiritual alignment.

Gemini Seven of Earth
Now is the perfect time for you to begin working on the process of setting up and tending to the seeds of something special.  This will be a long term process, something that is going to take time to develop and bring together, so patience will be part of your lesson through the process.  Begin making place for something that will help full your true life purpose and prepare to see the fruits of your labor in Mama Gaia’s time, not your own.  Be patient and know that your goals will manifest in the right time for your highest good.

Cancer Four of Water
Giving to others has been more of a focus for you in the recent past to the point where your own emotional and spiritual well has run low, almost dry.  We often say that we are never any good to anyone else when we can’t be any good to ourselves.  That needs to be your mantra for the week.  Reconnect to the element of water this week to make that connection again.  Go to a special place of water, whether it’s the ocean or a special lake, or create a special altar space in your home dedicated to water where you can leave offerings and do meditations to commune with the energy and elementals of water.  Find the water energy within and reconnect to your emotions and intuition this week.

Leo  Elder of Air
There is an aspect of the element of air, specifically the worldly wisdom that air encompasses, that you have become somehow disconnected from.  Sometimes wisdom can be hard to work with for certain people because it can be hard to separate wisdom and expressing wisdom from ego.  Take time to find what it is within your ego that may have you separating from your path and from others.  Taking time to connect to the element of air this week, asking the elementals of air for their advice, and honoring them, especially through musically expression, can help to bring wisdom and ego back into balance.

Virgo  Six of Air
You may be feeling confused and in a bit of a fog these days with no real reason clear to you as to why.  Sometimes when we’re in this place the simple act of becoming and living in gratitude can help change our perspectives.  By letting the Universal Spirit know that we are grateful for the things we have and we show that we have gratitude we open the door for more good things to come to us.  By doing this, taking the time this week to sit with focused intention to find and express your gratitude, you’ll find that the fog will clear and what you need to do on your path will start to be clear again.

Libra Ace of Earth
The big message for you this week is to know and believe that all the strength and power you need to accomplish anything is already within you.  In order for that to be more than a mantra you need to feel some sort of solid connection to earth, and here you can make that connection best through your own body.  Our physical body is our expression of the earth element so this week listen to your body closely.  When you get ready to eat a meal is your body really hungry?  At bedtime are you really tired?  Are there pockets of tension or pain in your body during the day?  Work to hear and feel these messages and honor them with improved nutrition, exercise and rest and you will know that you have the power within to do whatever you need to do.

Scorpio Child of Water
This week will be a great time to get back in touch with your child self, opening up to your true loves and emotions.  Sometimes as we go through life we close off that child-like sense of love and joy as a way to help defend ourselves from being hurt by others, but this also cuts us off from the great essence of feeling our emotions.  Look inside and find the events and people of your life who have taken pieces of this joy from you and release them, calling back the feeling of ultimate, child-like love and joy to your life.

Sagittarius Explorer of Water
Riding your inner emotional waves of peace and joy this week will not only help make everything else go smoothly, but it will give you the chance to bring some of that peace to others who may be in need of guidance without even knowing it.  Riding our wave can be great but sharing that with someone else in our lives can be extra special.  This week if you find someone close to you could benefit from something that helps you maintain your peace and joy, like a special meditation technique, share it.  It is time for you to spread your peace with the world around you.

Capricorn Justice
You may find yourself in a position this week to be the voice of reason, and this may not be a position that you will necessarily relish.  Bringing about the karma of others is not your mission but being a mirror for others will be.  Reflect back the true story of what you see, both the good and  bad, just being a messenger of the truth.  Bringing balance and levity to the situation will be your main function.  Keep your own head cool and above water and maintain your balance.

Aquarius  Nine of Fire
If things start to get a bit hectic for you this week, remember that you are a pillar of light and balance.  You have come to a place in your life where you are self-confident and self-reliant but you can find yourself thrown from time to time when chaos suddenly erupts.  This week take time to center, focus and ground your energy, centering your chakras and bringing balance back into your aura when you start to feel stress shaking that strong foundation.  You have a great strength within yourself but you need to remind yourself of this from time to time and by using quick centering techniques you’ll be able to bring your awareness back to yourself and to your center.

Pisces Five of Earth
You have been sheltering yourself from difficulty and creating a secret sanctuary within, hoping that whatever crisis comes will pass you by.  Now this has gone from a protective shell, so to speak, to a complete shield blocking out the good as well.  It’s time this week to start breaking free from this shell and putting yourself back out there.  If you feel you have come to a point of felling that you need help to come back out into a social environment, seek it out.  It’s time for your path to teak a change and allow you to “be” and express who you truly are.

Have a great week everyone!!

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