Tarotscopes for May 31 to June 6

This week for the tarotscopes I have decided to work with a new deck, one that I long anticipated coming out and have really enjoyed since it’s arrival.  Our tarotsopes this week are brought to you by the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore.  Be sure to visit the website for the deck too.  I’ll be posting a small review on the deck later today as well since this is a new one that I haven’t talked about or reviewed yet.   This week there seems to be a lot of energies floating around that call on us to work and live from a place of gratitude in order to let go of energies that are holding us back.  Others might find that this is a week for giving rather than receiving.  This is going to be a week for everyone to go within in some aspect in order to bring some outward changes for the coming weeks.

Tarotscopes for Monday, May 31, 2010 through Sunday, June 6, 2010

Aries  Three of Swords
This week you might find yourself feeling a bit isolated and emotionally worse for wear.  Like a sword through the heart someone’s words or actions will lead you to a feeling of betrayal.  And while heartbreak and loneliness will naturally lead to state of sadness and feelings of loss, do not bring yourself to a place of victimhood.  Feel the emotions that you have within and let them run their course, but don’t hold on to them.  Let the tears and sadness be a reminder that you are in fact human, not superhuman, and even the strongest of people find themselves lost and betrayed from time to time.  Rise above these feelings and by weeks end you should be ready to move forward with a renewed sense of self and purpose.

 Taurus  Queen of Pentacles
Whether you feel it these days or not, you are in a places of great strength and grounding.  Like a mighty oak tree you have the ability to stand firm and strong in those things that are you earthed and grounded in while lending protection and aid to others.  You might find yourself called on to lend some of that strength to others this week, especially in the form of emotional support.  Know that you can draw on your great strength with grace and ease by simply seeing and sensing yourself like a large, rooted tree, drawing up the power and strength of the Earth Mother through your roots and radiating that energy to those in need through the shelter of the mighty branches that tower over you.  Your desire to protect and care for those who have cared for you in the past will be the fire to keep you going.

Gemini  Nine of Swords
There is an energy around you this week that will seem to call on some of the fears and worries that you have been trying to suppress and hold back for some time.  Rather than face them in the past you have tried to work to put them in a place where you can ignore them, a place where they aren’t nipping at your heels or standing out in the light of day.  Try as you might, they are going to start surfacing again and this time they will come with a Dark Night of the Soul, not willing to be put back in a box under the proverbial bed, but ready to be confronted.  The thing to keep in mind in order to keep your head above water is that you have the power and the strength to break yourself free of these emotional bonds but you need to be willing to do the work.  There is help waiting for you as well, whether it’s in the form of spirit guides or actual people in your life, but again you need to be willing to accept the help.  Don’t allow your fear or worries to immobilize you.  Stand up, be strong and fly free in the face of adversity.

Cancer  Nine of Pentacles
You have worked hard to find your place of balance, a place within yourself where you can feel of the physical world while being firmly rooted in the spiritual world.  You have done well on this search for balance and have come to a place where you can now truly sing your song and play your tune in harmony with the world around you.  The key for you this week will be to really allow yourself to trust in your own knowing, allowing yourself to rely on your own perceptions and impressions from the world around you to guide you through any challenges you may face.  You have a great and growing understanding of things on a deeper, psychic and spiritual level at this point, but now it’s time to use that skill for your benefit.

Leo  The World
Hard work, especially work that you have had to put your very heart and soul into, is coming into its final stages this week and the rewards and benefits are going to begin to come to you.  This could be something non-tangible, such as effort put into a relationship, work that you have done to cultivate emotional changes in your life, or something that has brought you to a new and deeper understanding of the world and people around you.  It’s something that you have worked hard to achieve and it’s finally going to come to the point of completion.  As you find yourself enjoying the fruits of your labor, remember that you need to continue to turn the wheel, so to speak, and keep feeding energy to your work, even in the phase of reaping.  If we stop too long to pat ourselves on the back some of the fruit we carelessly leave on vine will die.  Enjoy your rewards but know your true work is never done.

Virgo  The Moon
This week be ready to keep a keen eye on things going on around you that might otherwise be ignored or forgotten.  Illusions and deceit, people saying one thing only to turn around and do another could play a part in the way your work week plays out.  On one hand you will have your true heart, your gut feelings and the things that you know in your heart to be true, but on the other you’ll have the things that are presented to you in such a way that they just seem “right”.  Keep in mind the old saying “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is”.  The illusion and intoxication of the light of the full moon can make even some of the most unpleasant and dangerous things look enticing and beautiful.    

Libra  Eight of Cups
The time has come to release and let go of emotions that have long been holding you back and keeping you in a place that hasn’t allowed you to see the truth of either a certain situation or even the truth in your own heart.  There has been a neglect of the spiritual side of things for favor of that which is held brightly in the sometimes too harsh light of day.  By giving yourself some time this week to leave the “real world” behind for a bit you will be able to see things more clearly later on.  The depths and darkness of the inner world is where you’ll find some peace and balance, some solace from the busy and hectic things happening on the surface of that “real world”.  Leave behind your worries and cares and let yourself rest and “be” this week so that you can find some more balance around you.

Scorpio  The Magician
The power of the Magician is the power to create, but it’s not just the power to create in a magickal sense but in the mundane as well.  This week pull on your resources so that you have the ability to truly create whatever it is that you most desire.  You have the strength within yourself to bring whatever you truly desire into your life but it’s a matter of both believing in yourself and knowing just what energies and resources to work with.  You may find that help in the most unlikely of places will present themselves to you this week to make something you’ve long desired finally happen in your life.  As things begin to bloom around you remember to move forward with gratitude and a willingness to return the favor.

Sagittarius  Three of Cups
This week is a great week to get together with a few old friends to celebrate each other and your long histories together.  We may lose tough of each other on a daily basis and we may find that from time to time we fall off one another’s radars, but those who are truly our friends and family of the heart need us, we always hear that call and answer it.  Make some calls, send some emails, plan a visit; do something to get in touch and bring together those who have truly been there for one another over the years.  If it’s been a while since you’ve seen each other, try and begin to plan a reunion weekend for some time in the coming months.  It’s a time of celebration for you and doing that with those that have always been there for you and who will truly feel your joy are the ones you should share it with.

Capricorn  Ace of Cups
A sense of emotional renewal surrounds you this week as stress and emotional issues from the past few weeks seem to ripple far out in the distance, no longer carrying much weight for you.  New emotional tides are moving in this week but with a feeling of joy and excitement.  You may also find that you’re really tapped into the things happening with those around you this week, almost to the point of thinking you’re reading everyone’s minds.  You’ll seem to find yourself in just the right place at just the right time with just the right words for helping out those in need of someone’s thoughts and input.  You hold that proverbial loving cup this week and now is a great time to lift it high, thanking the Gods for their gifts, drinking deeply.

Aquarius  Seven of Pentacles
The time for reward, especially reward for hard work, is upon you…or is it?  This week you may find yourself at a point where it seems like something you have been tending to has come to a point of completion, a point where it’s time to pull the fruit from the vine, but are you doing this a little prematurely?  Take some time to look at what you have been working so hard at and make sure that nothing of importance has been missed.  Look at things with another “eye” so to speak.  This is a time when being self-critical could mean the difference between great work and spectacular work.  There is also an essence of sadness or uncertainty of what to do once you have completed this project.  Don’t worry; there are many more opportunities coming your way if you’re willing to put in this same effort and energy.  You’re garden if far from fallow.   

Pisces  Five of Pentacles
Like the song says “every rose has its thorn, just like ever night has its dawn”.  With each negative a positive is sure to come to help bring things back into balance, but sometimes we are so consumed by that darkness that we can’t ever see the light on the horizon.  Right now you might be feeling as though, in some aspect of your life, you are at the all time low, the bottom rung of the ladder and at a place where nothing good seems to be in reach.  Instead of being so clearly focused on the things that are holding you back or spending time wishing on the things you don’t have, take a moment to look up and see what is plainly right in front of you.  Many times we might long for material things that we can’t afford, thinking that these things are going to make our lives better, but we forget to be thankful for what we do have like our health, a roof over our heads, friends and family, etc.  If you’re finding that everything around you seems to just come back to a place of loss and want, take time to really begin to look instead at what you have to be thankful for.  Some people might find it a bit too “new age” or hokey, but read, or re-read, “The Secret” and you will find that working with these principles of living in gratitude really do help bring those things we want most in our lives to us with effortless grace.


Have a great week everyone!!

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