Tarotscopes for September 13 to September 19

For our tarotscopes this week, I decided to take out a deck that I haven’t used in a long time but that I do truly love.  It was called to my attention again the other day when one of the new students in my upcoming “In The Cards” tarot class mentioned that this would be the deck that she be working with as it was the one that most called to her.  The deck?  The Druidcraft Tarot.  This is truly one of the most beautiful decks that I have but one that took a long time for me to be able to work with because of the larger cards.  Now I’ve gotten so used to the larger cards I find myself more and more disappointed with people trying to squeeze detailed art onto 2×4 and 3×5 cards (i.e. The Shadowscapes Tarot).

This week we have a lot of court cards that came up and when I see this I usually point this to being a trend that the week will have a lot of issues with dealing with other people during the week.  It can also point to a need to look more at our own selves, as some of this week’s cards indicated, and maybe the answer is to step away from others for a brief time to recollect ourselves and gather our thoughts before dealing with those people and those issues.  This is a week of analysis and awareness; being detailed and conscious of what we say and do with others and then make sure that we take away only what is meant by these interactions rather than reading into them too deeply.  By being fully away of what we’re doing and what we’re saying we have a better chance of not getting into too many messes in the first place.

Tarotscopes for Monday September 13, 2010 through Sunday, September 19, 2010

Aries  The World
If you’ve been working to get something going or get something finished, something creative and important to you, now is the time to do those final bits of work to make your dreams come to fruition.  You’re close to the end and things are looking like they are moving in your favor but you have to move with them.  It will be especially important to bring together the inner and outer, to find a balance within and without in order to get the job done.  The Universe is trying to tell you something: Get up and get things done!

Taurus  Six of Wands
Recent struggles and challenges will all finally work themselves out and in your favor.  If you’ve been dealing with people who have been trying to overpower you and somehow control or direct where you’re going and what you’re doing these days, you’ll suddenly have the power to break free and get out.  When you’re celebrating your victory, be sure to take a moment to take a look at the bigger picture and where you want to go next.  Don’t start aimlessly drifting, instead set a clear course and follow it.

Gemini  Five of Swords
Nobody expects a close friend to suddenly turn into an enemy, but this week friends may begin to seem like enemies as misunderstandings and confusion cause some major communication breakdowns over the course of the week.  Chances are everything is just caused by people not really listening to one another and things can be easily worked out once cooler heads can prevail.  As frustrated as you may be, do your best to listen and keep things from getting worse by diving in and speaking too soon on something.  Let things have time to cool down and even out first.

Cancer  Queen of Cups
This week may prove to be a great time to focus on your journey and your spiritual path.  You may have been looking for some way to explore your path more fully and now is the time to do it, but you need to be open to a deeper spiritual exploration.  Your lessons and challenges here will have to do mostly with facing fears, exploring the Shadowself, and working through difficult things that you may have been trying to avoid.  Working through these difficult aspects of yourself will bring you to a whole new level of understanding of yourself, your path, and your power.

Leo  Prince of Swords
Charging ahead and working to make some wrong things right will seem to be your driving mission this week.  It’s quite possible that this will especially have to do with things in your own life; some things may seem out of whack and change may be the answer.  A change of routine to help get out of a rut may be the answer and could help give you some new perspectives on this this week.  Just be careful not to try and take on too much at once and know that all sustainable change happens in small bits.


Virgo  Princess of Cups
This week you may find yourself feeling especially sensitive and somewhat protective of your emotions.  While you can’t stay home and hide all week it may be in your best interest to work to keep yourself out of situations where you may be easily at risk for being triggered and exposing those raw emotions.  Take time out this week to meditate and nurture yourself and explore why you may be feeling so sensitive and vulnerable.  There may be a lot more to it than you think and there could be some chances to work with some deeper aspects of the self in the process.

Libra  Prince of Pentacles
Over the course of this week you may find that the best way to handle everything that pops up in your way is to have a calm, realistic, and practical approach without doing anything too radical.  The phrase for the week is “don’t rock the boat”.  Instead you want to be on a firm course of doing all you can in any challenging situations with others this week to keep things as calm as possible and work things out as quickly as possible.  Don’t try and do something new and “adventurous” and instead stick with what you know and what works.  You may also find that paying attention to your health this week proves helpful in preventing a more serious problem over the course of the month.

Scorpio  Princess of Swords
This week you may find yourself in a position of having to be the diplomat with friends and coworkers.  Do your best to listen to all sides before sharing your thoughts.  You may also find yourself drawn to do some study and exploration this week, especially when it comes to topics of healing and growth.  Follow your instincts and look into what call to your heart.  You have a natural ability to work with healing so finding ways to work with it and put it to use will be beneficial now and in the future.

Sagittarius   The Magician
It’s time to fully realize your power and strength and the ability you have within to make change for yourself and for others around you.  You may feel like you lack the ability to really change your path at this point but in fact you have all the tools you need, the problem is finding the will power to follow through to completion and the confidence to do what you desires.  This week start to realize your ability to create the life you desires and start taking the steps to make it happen.

Capricorn  Seven of Swords
Sometimes power of intellect can become a bit of a curse.  We can be so smart, so cunning, and so witty that we end up unknowingly using that power against other people to gain control over them, over a situation, or to just get whatever it is that we desires.  This week be mindful of using your intellect, especially in the form of spoken word, with others; do you put people down, control them or hold them back without realizing it by the way you speak to them?  If you find there are certain people who you do this to without being aware of it, work to make a change and begin dealing with them more as an equal rather than as a superior.

Aquarius  Queen of Pentacles
The theme of the week for you will be focused on things within the home.  If you have been spending a lot of time out of the house and out on the town, this week will be a perfect time to focus on having more time at home.  Spend some time cleaning up and adding more beauty to the home and really making it a reflection of who you are and who you wish to be.  Make it your castle.  If you have a yard or outdoor space, care for that as well this week; if you don’t, bring in some potted plants and flowers to your city dwelling and honor Mother Nature in your home by caring for a piece of her right there.

Pisces  Three of Swords
One of the lessons of life that we often miss is also one of the most painful: “You must suffer to learn.”  Some of the biggest and most rewarding lessons we learn in life involve heartbreak, loss, and sacrifice.  Sometimes finding the good or learning the lesson in that is a challenge and can take years to find.  If you’ve been dealing with a loss or emotional challenge lately, you can begin to heal by finding the lesson in what has happened.  By finding that, acknowledging it, and working with it, you can slowly begin the process of being able to heal and move forward with grace and ease.

Have a great week everyone!

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