Tarotscopes for September 7 to September 12

The long weekend here in the US has us looking at the tarotscopes this week a day behind; for this week we’ll be looking at Tuesday through Sunday with the cards.  I have gone back to working with my current favorite deck, the Gaian Tarot.  I also felt drawn to work with reversed cards this week so you will see those annotated with the Rx next to the cards pulled.  This week is all about building, growing and creating foundations for the future.  It’s going to be a week to start making change and progress, or at the very least, creating the important ground work for change or various kinds in the near future.  We always look to the fall season, which is rapidly approaching, as the time of harvest, and rightly so.  But we sometimes forget that in the harvest there also comes a time for growth; growth from our experiences that brought us to the harvest and the growth to come as we prepare to clear things away for another planting season in the future.  This week be sure to take time to honor your growth and foundation for other big changes you’d like to see in the future.

Tarotscopes for Tuesday September 7, 2010 through Sunday, September 12, 2010

Aries  The Canoe
This week you’ll find that, whether you want to or not, it’s time to get moving on some project or plan that has been sitting somewhat stagnate for a while.  Make no mistake about it, you have your work cut out for you, but you’ll find there will be others willing to help you, especially if you are willing to put out the vibe that you would like some assistance.  Don’t rush through but instead take the time to get a look at the bigger picture in the process and know that moves you make this week will be ones that shall have a big impact on where you’ll see your work go next.

Taurus  Seven of Earth (Rx)
Delays may be possible this week as you try and get new plans or projects to take root.  These delays could very well be of your own doing because of some impatience and a desire to hurry things along to their later stages before they are truly ready.  This week you’ll want to take time to slow down, letting yourself be patient with everything, especially with yourself.  Giving yourself and others around you a little breathing room and letting things flow in a more organic sense will bring you better results down the road where as rushing things will easily stunt the growth of your hard labor.

Gemini  Six of Fire (Rx)
During the week you may find that the best use of your energy is to keep it in a low and contained state.  Whether it’s been a wild three day weekend behind you now or the fact that Mercury Retrograde is coming to its end and you had a tough time with it this time, you’re certainly burning out and probably feeling it in more ways than one.  Rather than push yourself this week, work to rekindle your inner fire by surrounding yourself with people who refresh and replenish you rather than those that you find draining.  Give yourself time to relax and recharge this week.

Cancer  Six of Earth (Rx)
Every now and then we may find that we are in a position where, financially, we just can’t be as generous or giving as we might like to be.  And then there are times where the lack of generosity goes from necessity to habit.  Do you have resources that you have been keeping all to yourself and not sharing with others when you easily could with comfort?  This week look and see what you have in abundance that you could share with your local community.  It doesn’t have to be cash but maybe extra canned or boxed food in the kitchen that could be donated to a food drive or clothes you no longer wear that a homeless shelter could use.  Take a moment to find what you have that you no longer need and share it with those who could use a helping hand.

Leo  Ten of Air
Letting go of emotions, ideas, and plans that have either been weighing you down or keeping you from moving forward will finally be at a point where they can be released and positive change will begin to make its way into your life.  No matter how dark or difficult things may have been in the past you’ll now finally feel the clouds part and see a path forward.  This week you may at last start to feel that sense of relief and peace that you’ve been looking for by easily being able to let go of something that was so hard to release previously.


Virgo Five of Fire
This week you may find yourself a little challenged to keep tempers and frustration in check.  Remember that quite often fear can be misdirected as anger towards the person or situation causing us stress.  Be sure that, before you potentially explode in anger or rage, that you check your emotions and see who or what it is that you are really angry at.  In may just be that something has you nervous, scared, or caught off guard.  You may find that the problem is a long time fear or concern that you just haven’t fully addressed.  Let the people and situations that raise these emotions this week serve as mirrors to reflect your true feelings for you, and do your best to stay calm and in control.

Libra  The Moon (Rx)
A concern or worry that has been nagging at you over the last few weeks may finally become too much to deal with and you may find your mind assuming the worse for lack of evidence to the contrary.  You may find yourself especially suspicious of others this week, feeling they are keeping something from you.  If you feel really off this week with these things know that often what seems scary and fearful in the twisted shadows of night become harmless in the light of day.  You may find yourself in too dark of a place to see that light so ask a trusted friend or family member to help sort things out with you in hopes of an outside opinion being all you need to see things more clearly.

Scorpio  Child of Fire
There are some great opportunities for fun and laughter coming your way this week, especially if you’re willing to break out of your shell and your routine a little more than normal and really try something new.  The Child of Fire is willing to get out there and take a risk to try something different and discover more about themselves and the world around them.  This week take a chance and do something you never do on a normal week.  Go rock climbing, go to a karaoke bar and belt out a Whitney Houston song no matter how bad you think you sound.  Do something daring and keep in my the old saying “Dance as if no one were watching; Sing as if no one were listening; And live each day as if it were your last.”

Sagittarius   Three of Earth
Working hard at things that really matter and taking pride in the results will be an underlying theme for you this week whether that means taking on a special task at work or making things seem extra nice at home this week.  You’ll find that things will not only work out smoother but also have better final results by working with others who are also looking to see the same goals meet a positive end. A group effort may bring out more ideas and future opportunities as well, especially if you find yourself able to work with close friends.  Be sure to keep thing light while working and take time to toast to a job well done at the end of the day.

Capricorn  Four of Earth (Rx)
Have you ever stopped and wondered what the difference is between collecting something and hoarding something?  Sometimes there can be a real fine line between the two and this week will be a good time to try and see where you may fall in the frame of things here.  When we hoard we have the mentality of either willingly wanting something all to ourselves or we may feel that we’ll never have enough of something to sustain ourselves for a period of time.  What might you be hoarding in your life?  Take time this week to begin that too often over-looked idea of fall cleaning and get a jump on clearing things in your home that you truly don’t need.  Donate or sell what is taking up space in your life and make some breathing room for yourself for the coming fall season.

Aquarius  Three of Air (Rx)
It’s not uncommon to find that from time to time we get caught in a web of negative thought or even a state of depression.  Sometimes we know exactly what triggers this and that makes it easy to find a way to change things around when we are ready and able.  But we do go through bouts of having no clue why we just have the glass half empty days.  If you find this week that you can’t break free of some negative thinking start keeping a gratitude journal to help you remember what you have to be grateful for and to open doorways to binging in more positivity and abundance into your life.  All that you write about serves as positive thoughts and as you send them into the Universe you will begin the process of reprogramming that negative thinking and soon you’ll see things in a whole new light.

Pisces  Seven of Water
Making decisions this week may seem quite difficult and complicated especially if more and more options are being presented to you.  It’s important to make sure that this week, especially in this winding down of Mercury Retrograde, that you take the time to do your homework before making any final decisions.  Once you do make a decision fully embrace it and take it on with gusto.  At that point there’s no sense in holding back and changes are you’ll have made the best, most informed choice possible that will lead you to where you need to go.

Have a great week everyone!

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