Thanks Everyone!

Earlier this evening, having finally having a sort of breakdown about my site really still not looking how I wanted it to, I decided I needed to get someone that ACTUALLY knows design to come in and take care of doing what I want and just letting me give some direction. Of course the big problem is I don’t have a lot of money to do this with but I was willing to pay where I can, barter, whatever. But, after putting out the call on Twitter I got SO many great offers, most for nothing, and I was so happy to get the offers for help! (Thanks again for all the offers everyone!) But in the process of creating a new header logo I got inspired to try this again and was fortunate enough to find a tutorial for a program I’d purchased a few months ago and was able to FINALLY learn how to use the damn thing and POOF! Under two hours later I have a new blog format and it’s much more what I wanted! I hope you all like it and hopefully now any changes will be minor since it’s looking much more the way I had wanted. YAY! 🙂

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