The Amazing Work of Susan Tooker

I do a lot of window shopping online these days.  Sometimes I buy, sometimes I try and think if there’s a way to use something I see as an inspiration for my own stuff, and other times I dream.  I spend a lot of time looking at the work that Susan Tooker does on her wonderful Etsy shop called Spinning Castle.  I look at the amazing ritual wear and ritual items she has and the cool jewelry but haven’t ever bought anything because they are typically out of my price range.  But, the one thing that I can say about that is that she isn’t over pricing her items and she certainly deserves every penny for the items she makes because they are stunning and original piece of art, not just ritual tools or jewelry.

Susan Tooker by Pixie Vision Productions

I have specifically spent a great deal of time looking at one item in particular, the WisdomKeeper Smudge Fan.  Something about it…the colors of black and blue and the silvery shine of the quartz and crystals just kept calling me back to it.  In the last few years I have begun to take up a lot more shamanic work in my practice and I have longed for an items that I could connect specifically to that work and I felt this was what I was looking for.

I began the task of working to manifest the money to finally buy this magickal piece of art.  I started by just asking for the amount that I would need and then asked my angels and guides for more direct help.  “What should I do to get the money, how can I make this happen?”  I received the guidance to start doing some new reading specials and offer some new type of readings.  I offered a very cool Awen reading and my Ostara reading specials and received a number of reading requests.  When I looked and saw that the money was coming but not quite there I asked again “What can I do?”  I felt that I needed to look at Susan’s shop again and that the answer would be there.  When I did I saw that a few items were listed as “reserved”.  I hadn’t even though before about asking if she would take deposits or reserve items.  I emailed her and explained what I was looking for and asked how she worked with reserves and she told me she only recently started to work with this because she started getting requests from people to pay for items over time.  She was happy to make arrangements with me so I could purchase the smudge fan.  I put down a deposit and within a week I had the money I needed to buy it outright.

And today it arrived.

Here are some photos from the unboxing.  Let me tell you these pictures DO NOT so this piece justice!

I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of UPS and then the box showed up!

And the box was big!   I knew the fan was a good size but I guess I hadn’t been able to really grasp HOW big until I saw the box.  So I dove right in and started to open it up.

One thing I can say for this is that it was packed perfectly. When I did I was attacked by clumps of packing peanuts and I quickly realized I was going to have to go and finish unpacking this on the floor.

And then I got it out of all it’s layers of bubble wrap and tape that it was so carefully packaged in and I was finally able to hold it.

Holding this just is something I can’t even begin to explain. There is an energy and a power to this when you hold it. It’s filled with a feeling of being able to transform. The thing I also felt right away was that this isn’t just something for smudging and cleansing but it wants me to cast circle with it. I feel like this is a wand as well and that it will be great for casting protection circles for shamanic healing and journey work.

I took it outside to take some pictures. They aren’t the best (it was so bright out that it was hard to see what images I was capturing) but this is what I have.

This is truly an amazing piece of art. It’s not just a ritual tool, it is art. I can’t speak highly enough of how amazing this piece is, nor could I ever say enough great things about dealing with Susan. She was helpful, understanding, and truly wants people to receive and enjoy the items that she so painstakingly creates. Her items aren’t cheap but they are worth every penny that you pay. Her items are one of a kind and filled with beautiful pieces of crystal and stone. If you really want to treat yourself to something special and add an heirloom piece to your magickal collection of tools, do yourself a favor and visit Susan Tooker’s Spinning Castle.  Be sure to check out her blog and find her Twitter as well!

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  • Charlotte
    March 24, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    A lovely addition to your altar and life Rowan! There’s a lot of painstaking work gone into it, I can tell. Definitely going to check out Susan’s site too.

    I particularly like how the shape of the branch is reminiscent of a bird’s wing and that Susan’s worked with that naturally to create a fan that reminds me very much of a full bird’s wing.

    Enjoy using it!