the daily witch planner

One of the most asked questions I get from witches of all kinds is:

How do I work more magick and make witchcraft part of my daily life when I’m wicked busy and overwhelmed with all that adulting I have to do, never mind the overwhelm with learning the Craft?!

I have the answer for you, witchy babes! 

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You're busy, sure, but you're a witch too! The Daily Witch Planner is for you if...

  • Feel like you only get to be a witch a few times a month when there's a new or full moon
  • Feel like you have no idea what daily witchcraft really is (are you supposed to cast spells daily?!)
  • Wish that you had a more solid practice so that your magick could actually support your goals and help you manifest your desires
Balancing out my career, my new marriage, and my witchcraft practice has been a huge challenge. I didn't want to give up my magickal pursuits but it was looking more and more like I would have to, until I talked to Jess about it. She chatted with me on Instagram and made some great suggestions about tracking and planning that helped me finally get back on track. Now everything I do and plan for has magick woven in it. I told Jess everyone could use these ideas she gave me and I'm thrilled she put it together like this, and amazed she's giving it away for free!
witchy woman & full time EA


  • 40+ pages of magickal inspiration
  • 10 different printable planner pages for everything from planning out the month's upcoming events to planning step by step, phase by phase, how you'll manifest your next big thing with the moon.
  • Suggestions for how to work more magick on a daily basis
  • Reflection questions to help you get clear on the intentions behind your magickal practice
  • How to do a witchy version of Morning Pages as part of your daily magick
  • 3 pages of fun, witchy printable stickers ('cause why not!)

One of the best parts of this planner is it isn't dated!
You can literally use it forever!

make the mundane magickal every day!

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