The Pagan Blog Project and What’s Ahead for 2012!

Happy 2012 everyone!  This year is going to be a busy and exciting one!  I have a lot of plans for this year and I’m going to be working on some fun and exciting things including a few new books, teaching some classes, doing some traveling, and doing a lot of work with Devin on Modern Witch and Living Temple of Diana things.  All very exciting!  But I have one big project that is launching this week that will be a year long venture that I want to invite all of you to be a part of!  The Pagan Blog Project is a weekly blogging “challenge”, though I like to call it an “initiative”, where each Friday we’ll be posting in our own respective blogs about a Pagan, magickal, or spiritual topic with the help of a prompt. The prompts are not specific topics but rather a letter; this allows us all to explore topics we pick that are specific to our own paths rather than being “forced” to work with something that might not be relevant to us. Through this project we’ll all have the opportunity to explore our spiritual paths in a variety of ways with intention and purpose, as well as learn from others who are also participating.

All the details can be found on The Pagan Blog Project page here on the site.  I have also established a Facebook group in order to help facilitate a place for discussion, community, and support.  This is especially great for those who are new to blogging and might feel they need a little encouragement or help with the technical side.  You’ll also find that by being part of this group and learning about what other Pagan bloggers are participating you’ll be able to find new blogs to read and meet other Pagans who may be exploring and walking a similar path. And there is also a weekly newsletter to give you ideas and inspiration along the way while keeping you on track with your posts.

I highly encourage those who participate in this challenge to let the world know by displaying a badge on your page (found at the bottom on the PBP page) and following those who are doing this as well.  On Friday’s when people are making their posts as part of the Project, visit their pages and comment on their posts!  You may find that the person’s post that week is a reflective one with questions or seeking help or advice and you may know just what to suggest.  You may find that they did a research post that week and you learned something you never knew and you want to thank them for their work.

The idea with this year long initiative is to spend the time researching, studying, exploring and reflecting on our paths while taking the time to express our spirituality in a written form.  But don’t let that make you feel limited!  You’re welcome to express yourself in photos, videos, art, and audio as well!  The point is that it’s Pagan and it’s your expression of your path.

Let’s make 2012, a year that many feel will be a spiritual turning point for the world, a time for the Pagan community to come together and encourage one another while deepening our own connection to our magick and the Gods!

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