Time is Ticking! Sign up for the Tarot Class Today!

Time is running out to sign up for “In The Cards“, my intro to tarot class that in eight weeks takes you deeper into tarot than the typical beginner class might.  Rather than being focused on the traditionally accepted meanings of the cards, we’ll be focused on learning how to hear what the cards are saying to us and showing us psychically.  It will be a fun and interactive class with a lot of information that will help you to really build a solid tarot practice that you can go on to use professionally if you wish to head that way.  But your chance to sign up is going to run out Friday night at midnight!  You can still sign up by visiting the enrollment page on my site or emailing me for details.  The cost of the class, with all materials (excluding your tarot deck), is $100.  Payment options are available if you need them, you just simply need to contact me to make the arrangements since this is being done on a case by case basis in order to get things set up how they will work best for you (several people have taken advantage of this option).  So come by today and get signed up and join us! The first week of classes begin on Monday, September 27th.

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