Today’s Angel Message

For today’s angel message I’m using a new angel deck that I haven’t actually done any reading with just yet.  I haven’t been able to decide if I actually like the deck or not and I thought that if I started using it I may start connecting with it.  The deck is “Ask An Angel“, another deck by Toni Carmine Salerno.  This deck is a bit different from some of Salerno’s other decks, at least to me.  This one comes with a guidebook that actually ends up being necessary where with most other oracle and angel decks you can easily set aside the book and work from a clairvoyant and clairaudient perspective.  Here each card is based on a specific angel and a message from that angel so if you don’t know the many different angels outside of the primary archangels you’ll find that you have to refer back to book to get an understanding of that angel’s mythology in order to fully connect to the card image and the message.  Ok, before this turns into a full on review, let’s see what the “Ask An Angel” deck has to share with us on this Friday.

Archangel Chamuel
Divine Justice

First let’s meet Archangel Chamuel.  Chamuel’s name has two accepted meanings, that of comfort and compassion and also “He who sees God.”  Much like the double edged sword that Chamuel is sometimes seen holding, he is both an angel of mercy and justice.  Chamuel can give great strength in times of adversity and can offer love to those who are in need of the support this energy brings.  Chamuel can lend energy and aid with relationship, especially relationships of love.  When justice is needed Chamuel can come to our aid and help us to find the answers we may need during these difficult times.  His main job is infusing love, strength and courage into all we do when he is called on.

Today Archangel Chamuel comes through with the message of divine justice to remind us about balance.  The sword that he carries is a great symbol of balance.  For a sword to be useful it needs to be well balanced so that the hand that holds it and wields it isn’t thrown off course by an unstable weight.  Our lives are constantly in flux looking to fall into balance with the lives of those around us, the life of the world around us and the life of the Divine spirit around and within us.  One of the keys to this balance is the love that Chamuel gives us.

Call on Chamuel and your angels and allies to help you find balance within and without today.  Ask for help in finding love in all situations and seeing even the most unbalanced and difficult of situations you may face with an understanding of where it helps to lend energy to bring balance to a part of your life and know that anything that you can’t handle, any sword you can’t wield on your own, Archangel Chamuel will help you with if you simply ask.

Today’s Affirmation

“I am finding love in all things and creating balance within and without.”

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