Today’s Angel Message

Today we’re back working with the “Angels, Gods and Goddesses” deck.  Today’s energy with the angels seems calm and the angels are calling for us to look up to the sky today, watch the clouds and take a minute to feel alive.   When we get so caught up in living our lives from a mundane perspective we forget about the spiritual side of things and the power that this energy, the life force that runs through all things, has over us and how working with it can help us overcome just about anything.

God of Spiritual Healing
“An aspect of you or a situation in your life is in need of healing.”

There are things around us that go unnoticed every day, part of that can be the spiritual healing needs of our own selves and those around us.  We focus so much on trying to deal with things in practical terms, often because we might be dealing with people around us that may not be on the same level as we are spiritually, and we miss an opportunity to truly address our issues and relationships at a soul level.  One way that we can work from a more spiritual level with those difficult situations and relationships is to look for the angel, the divine aspect, within each person and each situation.  If we treat everyone we have to deal with, especially when they’re hard to deal with, as though they are spiritual reflections of something within us we will be able to find a way to deal with them with grace and ease.

One way that we can do this is to stop and take time each day to live.  Feel alive, feel our auras growing and changing, feel and balance our chakras.  Sometimes we get so caught up in things like work, responsibilities, money and family that we don’t always take the time to really live.  If we feel more balanced and connected to the spirit of live around us, healing the situations in our lives spiritual are much easier.  The simple act of watching the clouds, observing the spirit in the world around us, can help bring us into balance more.  Take the divine energy that you connect to around you and within you and use it to heal these situations in your life.

Today’s Affirmation
“By connecting to the divine spirit in me, I see the divine spirit in others.”

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