Today’s Angel Message

I’ll be using the same cards as yesterday for our angel message today, Toni Carmine Salerno’s Angels, Gods and Goddesses deck.  Enjoy!

Goddess of the Earth
An idea connected to imagination, creativity and nature is coming your way

Today is an auspicious day for working to bring to fruition any sort of creative project that you have been giving some consideration to, but haven’t really begun to work with practically.  In order to really being your work you’ll need to take time to really ground yourself, reconnecting to your true desire and purpose.  Don’t start working on something that you don’t feel a true connection to; in other words make sure this is something that you want to follow through with and not just something that you decide to jump into on a whim.  There will be a lot of emotion and a lot of love that will go into your work and it is something that you’ll be tied to for some time, but you will find this to be a growth experience that you have been needing for some time, especially in order to heal from failed projects in the past.  This will be work that you’ll be happy to be tied to.

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