Today’s Angel Message

Happy Friday everyone!  As the week winds down and we head into the weekend, today seems like a great day to just take it easy.  Usually when Friday rolls around I tend to be feeling amped and ready to go to catch up on all the areas where I might have been behind during the week.  This week it’s the complete opposite!  I’m almost ready to call it a day and go back to bed!  But hopefully we can pull some late day energy from the angels and finish out with a bang!


Joy is the highest energy of all.  It’s the magical sense that everything is possible.
Joy springs from appreciating the gifts within each moment.  Joy allows you to attract
and create your present and future moments at their highest possible levels.”

As powerful of an emotion as joy can be, it can also be one that’s really difficult to harness and work with.  We sometimes find ourselves feeling like joy is so fleeting that we don’t have the chance to really embrace it and experience it before the next thing comes along that needs our attention.  Joy is something that needs to be truly enjoyed every moment we get in our lives.  And everyone has a different idea of joy and what brings them joy.  The things that bring you joy may not bring joy to your neighbor, friends or even your partner.  This can make joy a little bit of a selfish feeling thing, but frankly, that’s fine!  Every moment of joy you have is another opportunity for you to share your light and energy with those around you, hopefully bringing them joy!  So selfish on the surface but, ultimately, something that nurtures those around you.

With the weekend on its way, take time over the next few days to do something that brings you joy.  Try something that will give you more a few fleeting moments, but something that might last a day!  Go to the beach, go for a hike in the woods, take a day trip to visit an old friend, go shopping if you find joy in that; do something that, when the day is out, you can look back on with a smile and a solid feeling of satisfaction in your heart.

Today’s Affirmation
I give myself permission to seek joy, to feel joy, and to live in the vibration of joy.

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  • Jennifer Young
    June 7, 2010 at 2:18 pm

    This post really made me think about they way I thought about joy. It doesn't have to be a big all encompassing thing. It can be found in the smallest gestures if we let it in.