Today’s Animal Spirit Guide

Well well….this hasn’t happened yet, and it was bound to, so here it is…a repeat! Though it’s interesting that this is a repeat of one from this week!

Toady’s Animal Spirit Guide is…
The Shark!!

Thanks Shark Week! I’ll first just direct you all to Monday’s post on Shark for your basic info in case you missed it. But does Shark have anything different to say today than on Monday?

The message that I keep getting with Shark for today is something to the effect of:
“Be careful when you’re out for blood because it might be you that gets hurt in the end.”

Once in a while, and sometimes we know it and sometimes I don’t think we’re aware, but when we’re dealing with certain situations we might be “out for blood”. The Shark is always attracted to the scent of blood and this is what often pulls them into the fray of dangerous encounters with man and other animals of the sea. This is part of that instinct that the Shark carries I think; “oooh blood, it must be dinner time!” But at the same time it can be a trap to catch a Shark that is causing problems or is unwanted in an area.

So the message today with Shark is to always trust your instincts HOWEVER temper them with some focus and forethought, especially if you know you’re “out for blood” in a situation. And if you find yourself drawn into a potentially “bloody” situation, whatever it may be, really listening to your instincts; is this really where you need to be and is this something you need to be involved in…could it be a sort of trap?


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