Today’s Faery Message

Today I felt drawn to bring out a faery deck for our message of the day.  A lot of people have some very odd views on the fey, at least in my opinion.  The fey are not always these sweet, glittering little creatures riding on rainbows and moonbeams coming to spread joy.  The fey have a very deep and rich mythology with some fierce creatures and characters as well as some of the more commonly thought of variety.  I think that when you’re going to bring yourself out to the faery world and try and walk with them and work with them you need to be open to whatever they are going to bring you rather than imposing a specific view on them.  You might be surprised what they have to show you when you just let them give you their messages.  So for today I have brought out Lucy Cavendish and Selina Fenech’s wonderful faery deck the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle.

Dragon’s Pet
Communication between species, Animals, Pets, Magickal companions, Guardianship

The Dragon’s Pet card is one the speaks strongly of the interconnected relationships that we have with not only the fey but also the other messengers around us.  This can be your pets, your magickal companions that you may consider to be familiars, or those creatures in the world that you feel a kinship with and a need to connect to and protect.  The Dragon’s Pet reminds us that we need to be open to these relationships because they sometimes happen when we don’t expect them or they happen and hardly even notice they’re forming.  This is often the case with a relationship with magickal creatures, those who are in other realms who touch us in this one, such as the fey, dragons, and so on.  When this card comes through it is a reminder to us that a magickal connection between you and another creature is forming.

However, this card in our reading today come out reversed, so here we see a blockage in this relationship.  It’s possible that you aren’t listening, can’t understand what is happening, or maybe you don’t believe in faery beings, dragons, or that your cat or dog can actually communicate with you beyond “feed me” and “I need to go out”.  The world around you, be it a world with humans, plants or animals, even animals in another realm, are all connected to you.  The trick for you is to open the gate to let that energy and relationship flow naturally.  If you just don’t understand or you don’t know what to do with them, express that to the Universe and ask for help in understanding and nurturing that connection and that relationship.  This is when learning to open and develop our intuition, our abilities to hear and see beyond the physical, the ability to meditate and journey to other realms becomes so important.  By opening up and not actively blocking out the messages and connections of the creatures around us, whether of the the fey or household pet variety, we find out more about the world, the Universal consciousness, and ourselves.

Today is a great day to set aside a little time to connect with these creatures of the other realms.  Set up a small meditation altar where you can spend a little time undisturbed.  If there is a specific creature that you wish to work with, for example if you prefer dragons to faeries, set up your altar to reflect the creature you wish to connect to with images, statues or figurines, and so on.  Add flowers as an offering along with a white candle to meditate with and maybe even some incense dedicated to your creature; try a faery blend to reach the fey or burn some rose, lavender and elder berry for them.  For dragons try dragon’s blood to call on their fiery energy.  If you want to connect to your own pet’s energy burn something associated to your pet such as cat nip for cats.  Working with dogs I would suggest working with dog grass (also known as Witch grass) but you could also work with herbs associated to Hecate since dogs were closely tied to her and her magick.  Burn your herbs or incense, light your candle, and call on the energy of your chosen being and ask to better connect to and understand it.  Welcome it into your life and ask to make magickal connections with it so that you can work together and move through the world as allies.

Today’s Affirmation
“I am open to connecting to the magickal beings around me.”

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  • Jasmeine Moonsong
    August 29, 2010 at 7:06 am

    hmmmmm I have a feeling you're gonna get me addicted to buying tarot decks lol 🙂 First time I've seen this deck and I am loving it :)))) Big Hugs

    • Rowan Pendragon
      August 30, 2010 at 12:29 am

      Well, just be warned, once you start you can't stop! 😉 I'm actually in need of updating my list that I have here on the site but I can tell you my collection of card decks has grown to a ridiculous size. And really, I have no control over it any more…lol.

      This deck isn't actually a tarot deck but an oracle deck and consists of (if I remember correctly) 45 cards of faery art. It's a great deck for meditation and it works well for readings though some of the cards art and meanings seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum and the book ends up coming in real handy for understanding where the connection between the two may be.