Today’s Goddess is a firey one!

If you’re starting to see the beginnings of the change of seasons, the first twinges of fall where you live, then today’s Goddess might really be inspiring for you to bring some warmth and light into your home environment. Today’s Goddess is…


“Your household situation is improving, either through a move or a healthy change in the occupants.”

Even if you’re not moving, things are changing! Vesta is the Roman Goddess of fire, home and hearth. Vesta’s name simply means “hearth”. She is often connected to the Greek Goddess Hestia who has many aspects in common with Vesta. Vesta is one of the oldest Roman Goddesses and her worship was central to the ancient Romans. Vesta represents many different aspects of fire, flame and spark. Quite often this is taken literally to refer to the home fires in the hearth or other fire offerings such as candles, however there is a very key flame that Vesta also urges us to tend; the inner flame. Vesta often reminds us that the two are deeply connected. When our home fires do not burn brightly then our inner fires will surly suffer.

The message today with Vesta starts with the home and expands outward. If you’re feeling like your living environment is just a house and not a home, it may be time to start looking toward either a move or making some major changes to make your environment either more your own or more what you feel will sustain you. If you own your own home it might be time for renovations. If you rent it might be time to talk to your landlord about some fresh paint on the walls. Or maybe it’s time to move altogether. This is also a call to do some cleaning up as well. Sometimes we don’t need to do anything as major as gutting out the kitchen and rebuilding or repainting the whole place; it might just be as simple as doing some deep cleaning, some furniture rearranging, and adding some decorative touches like candles (perfect for Vesta) or some new art on the walls.

Make some time today to look around your home and find what needs to be freshened up. If there is a room that just doesn’t feel right you can start out by smudging with some sage and then doing some physical cleaning. Old things that no longer need to be there should go, whether that’s a pile of magazine that you no longer need laying around or pictures on the walls that no longer remind you of happy times. If something doesn’t seem to serve to give you peace, comfort, or keep that fire inside burning, then it needs to go. Then start adding the things that belong. Anything that makes you feel warm inside, makes you smile, brings you peace or inspiration.

Your home is your castle and you can call on Vesta to help make sure that the warmth in your home is there to nurture your spiritual fires. After you get things in order, you might want to go directly to Vesta with this spell from Ellen Dugan’s book “Cottage Witchery” to help bring in her blessings and create a mini hearth in your home (even if you don’t have a fireplace).

A Hearth Goddess Charm

To invoke the benevolence of the hearth goddesses and invite these deities into your home, try this candle charm. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can create a miniature hearth. Find a safe, flat surface to set up on…
Gather these supplies:

  • one red pillar candle
  • a candleholder or small plate
  • nine white, small, smooth stones
  • a pinch of salt
  • lighter or matches

Arrange the nine white stones around a red pillar candle and its holder. Dust the stones with a pinch of salt to consecrate them. Take a moment to visualize your miniature hearth. See it flowing with warmth, magick and hospitality. Light the candle and repeat the following charm three times:

Goddesses of the home and sacred hearth flame,
Brigid, Hestia and Vesta, I call your names.
A candle for fire, a ring of stones becomes your hearth,
Bless us with warmth and security from this Witch’s art.

close the spell:

By all the powers of the earth and fire
The spell is sealed by my will and desire.

Allow the candle to burn for a few hours. When you are finished, snuff the candle and relight it whenever you feel the need to reconnect to the goddesses of the hearth and home.

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