Today’s Goddess Message

Today I have little in the way of a preamble to add to the Goddess message.  I am working away, busy on the upcoming tarot class and getting things together for my own studies I’m currently involved in and just trying to have five minutes to myself (does that ever really happen for anyone?).  I have a lot of blogging to do today so let’s get right into today’s Goddess message from The Goddess Oracle Deck & Book Set.


(from the book)
I dance from form to form
I shift from shape to shape
ever changing
ever expanding
ever becoming
I am flexibility
for by changing my form
I freely flow with all that comes my way
I am conscious
for by shifting my shape
I gain an expanded awareness of what is to Be
I waltz a whirlwind
tango a tree
salsa a swan
or just plain fox-trot
My dance is an affinity with All
for I am able to become All in order to know All
Becoming All dissolves form
Knowing All creates Oneness
The illusion is that you have a separate shape

Vila (pronounced vee’lah) is not just seen as a Goddess but also as a collective energy which can be composed of more than one being (when referred to in the plural it would be seen as Vily).  Her origin is eastern European and she is seen as a Goddess of moving energy which connects all nature together and flows through it.  Vila is a shapeshifting Goddess who is able to take the shape of many animals in nature including snakes, horses, and swans, as well as being able to take the form of a whirlwind.  She is a protector of nature and in human form she is said to appear as a beautiful woman, usually with wings, and dressed in sparkling, flowing dresses.  Vila resides in the woods and areas where the animals make their homes so that she can best protect them.  Hunters who walk through the woods where she is said to reside are cautious because of stories of men being lured to their deaths while hunting animals there, supposedly Vila protecting the land and its residents from harm at the hands of a human.  Vila is said to either bring those harming nature into a magick circle where she dances them to death or taking the form of a whirlwind and carrying them off to their death.

One of the key aspects of Vila aside from her job as a protector of nature is her connection to dance.  It’s through dance that she shifts form and this is the message that she brings to us; if we dance and change our patterns we can also shift our lives and change our path.  Expanding your awareness by shifting into another way of thinking can help you to feel the flow between you and nature or you and other people in order to better understand a specific situation or to get a better handle on the direction your life is moving in at this time.  In meditation we can connect deeper with the trees and the earth by sitting with our backs against a tree and connecting our chakras to its energy and exchanging energy for a while; many people will use techniques like this to communicate with a specific tree in their yards or in a sacred space in order to see if it is in need of anything such as healing.  We can try and shift our awareness to see a difficult situation from another side, the side of someone we may be having trouble dealing with, in order to better understand where they are coming from.  Shapeshifting doesn’t necessarily need to be seen as a literal thing, but instead as something we do in our minds.  The results of working with this shifting process can be amazing.

Today if you find yourself in need to seeing something from another perspective, try and shift your awareness to see things from another person’s point of view or from another energy point that you haven’t explored before.  Take time today to also feel the flow of nature around you, whether this means taking a walk in your neighborhood or going out and doing some sort of meditation in nature.  By connecting and shifting our awareness from that every day awareness we usually work with we are able to achieve many great things because we see the world, and ourselves, in a whole other light.

Today’s Affirmation
“I am shifting awareness to connect deeper to all things.”

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