Today’s Goddess reminds us to be open and thankful

It’s funny how the Egyptian Goddesses keep popping up given my lack of connection to them (not that that’s completely out of my realm of understanding, I get it…I just don’t know how I feel about it). So today we’re again visited by an Egyptian Goddess, one that many people who follow the Egyptian pantheon or who have a connection to it work with and honor. Today’s Goddess is…


“Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy, and ability to give to others.”

Hathor (pronounced HATH-or) is see as one of the Egyptian Mother Goddesses. She is connected to the principles of feminine love, motherhood and joy. Hathor has always been one of the most popular of deities from the pantheon, having been worshiped by both royalty and commoners for many, many years. She is a patron of the sky and sun and is often connected to and honored by those who are involved in music, dance and the arts as there were other areas of influence that she carried. Her name translates to “The House of Horus” as she was associated with the queen when the dynastic rule began in Egypt and Horus was associated with the King.

Hathor’s association with the mother goes beyond the acts of childbearing and raising, those these are two areas that she is most connected to and often called on to assist in. Hathor reminds us that we are also all mothers to ourselves, in a sense, and once we are grown and on our own we need to remember that mothering doesn’t stop, it just changes hands. While we may rely less on our own mothers for care and nurturing we still need to mother ourselves.

A lot of the time we may forget to do things for ourselves that fall into the category of nurturing and we may become more focused on the nurturing of those around us instead. As the saying sometimes goes “If you’re not taking care of yourself you can’t really take care of anyone else”. This can’t be more true. When we give up time and care for ourselves for the sake of those around us we quickly and easily become worn down, tired, and many time physically ill. If we are not receptive to the help and love of others, or of the love and help we can offer ourselves, we are quickly going to find ourselves unable to help those around us.

If you find that you have trouble asking for help from others or being open to receiving help or gifts when they are offered, it is possible that you are somewhat out of balance with the masculine and feminine energies within yourself. Receiving is just as a natural as giving even though many people feel that to take or be given something may imply that they are either asking for something or taking something from someone else. When you openly receive from others you are creating a sort of energy storehouse within yourself and you will be more able to give to those around you that you wish to help in the future. When you run your energy and stores of love and the like dry, you aren’t going to be able to help those around you.

If you’re having a hard time with nurturing yourrself and allowing others to nurture you, call on Hathor and ask for her help in understanding the mothering mentality from both sides, the sides of giving and receiving. This is a learning cycle and it’s not always easy, but it is necessary. Remember to acknowledge the little things that you receive every day from not only other people in your life but also the Divine. Say “thank you” for everything that you receive as a gift each day, from the food on your table, to your health, to your ability to see the beauty in nature around you. Once you slowly start to acknowledge these gifts and say “thank you” the gates of receptivity will open, your pathway to the Divine becomes more free flowing and your ability to give to others in a more nurturing and caring way, rather than our of a blind need, will make you feel more fulfilled.

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