Today’s Rune

So today I drew the rune Sowilo…


An interesting rune to pick the day after the Summer Solstice. Sowilo is associated with Sunna, which is the sun personified in Norse mythology and is the Goddess of the Sun in Norse myth. Some of the representations of Sowilo are success, good health, wholeness and life’s energy. I was particularly taken by this description of it in the book “Runecaster’s Handbook” by Edred Thorsson:

“The S-rune is also a sign of the often ignored serpentine mysteries of the North which show the necessity of dealing with darkness to win true wisdom.”

Some of the other notes about it that were interesting were the idea of the sun burning away the ice to reveal true reality. So for me this seems to indicate the ideas of moving beyond blockages, things that are holding you back, seeing what is really going on around you and moving ahead on your journey, whatever journey that might be. Growth and fertility are also indicated by that sun energy.

So with the Summer Solstice having passed yesterday and today being a new moon this is an amazing rune to pull! If ever there was a time to really clear away some old and unwanted things and get plans in motion for the future, this is it! So with that I’m going to take this energy and get that Third Degree Assessment done for Sacred Mists pronto! 🙂

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