Totem Animal of the Week: Roadrunner

Over the last week totem animals have been coming up all over the place for me.  I’ve had a number of clients, new and old, come for either Druid Animal Oracle readings or Animal Spirit Guide readings.  I’ve had several coaching clients where I’ve felt drawn to use animal totems to help them as well.  This got me to thinking about what I could do even further with these lovely spirits and it dawned on me that I could come back to doing a weekly totem animal post!  So YAY!!!  Totem animals are back!  I’ll be using my favorite totem deck for the foreseeable future to do this, Message For Your Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer.

This week’s totem animal is Roadrunner.  The message of Roadrunner is:

[blockquote author=”Messages From Your Animal Spirit Guides ~ Stephen D. Farmer” align=”center”]Keep your sense of humor, and don’t take things so seriously.[/blockquote]

You’ll find there are a few layers to Roadrunner.  Here the call is to look at the Roadrunner in the way that many of us might think of him from our childhood cartoon viewing.  Roadrunner is also about swiftness of mind and body and about being agile and quick when you need to really just get things moving.  Sometimes that swiftness is with a quick wit to turn a heavy situation into one with more levity.

So here are two messages for you from Roadrunner.
First, always find a way to seek the positive and the humor in any situation.  Even in the midst of tragedy it’s important to remember that this will pass.  The death of a loved one may not be the best time to tell inappropriate jokes, for example, but then again it might be!  If you Uncle Bob just died and he loved to tell jokes about ladies in short skirts walking into a bar with a pet rabbit, or he was a fan of “The Old Man From Nantucket”, then that just might be the very thing that IS needed!   But if that isn’t the case, don’t fret.  Know that tragedy and sadness will pass so don’t lose your sense of humor during that moment of loss.

Secondly, ask Roadrunner to help you better adjust to quickly changing situations and circumstances.  Sometimes things change around us so fast and without our hand that we have no idea how to move with them fast enough.  Maybe your position at work is changing, your children are growing up fast, or the world just seems to be moving along quickly and leaving you behind.  Ask for Roadrunner to come and give you a little help in keeping up; ask Roadrunner to give you some strength and guidance in learning how to pick up the pace while still feeling like you’re honoring yourself as you should.

Here’s a song I think Roadrunner might like…

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