How much Magick will you do in 2020?

Witching 2020 - The Witchcraft Planner and Book of Shadows for the Modern Witch is your way to plan, track, and manifest with magickal intention ever day all year long!

Does this Sound familiar?

One of the biggest challenges we face as modern witches is weaving magick into our busy every day lives. We're so busy with work, family, friends, personal projects, and trying to catch a little sleep here and there. Sometime magick and our spiritual well-being get lost in the shuffle. Even the best witch can forget to use their magickal skills when they need them most.


What if you could track your magickal progress at the same time as you track your appointments and plans? Magick would never be forgotten again!

How would it feel to know that when you start to see your week getting out of control with plans and work you are quickly reminded that you pulling a card, being mindful of the moon and stars, and taking time out to meditate or light a candle could help you stay in control of what’s going on? Talk about empowered living!

2020 is going to be your most magickal year!


Witching 2020

Witching 2020 is a digital, printable planner filled with magick that turns your mundane planner into a Book of Shadows where you can track and catalog your whole year, in life and magick, so you can make the most empowered and magickal actions possible to have your best year ever!

inside are the tools you need for a year of magick!

Over $900 worth of bonuses

exclusive online library

You'll get access to an library of reading spreads, spells, magickal info, and resources that will be added to all year long based on what you want!

Private facebook group

Get access to a private Facebook Group where you can hang out with other Witching users and also get support from me all year long.

Live Q+A's and Custom Content

I will be creating content during the year for Witching users based on what they need and want and also doing live sessions in the FB Group

What kind of content will i find in the online portal?

make 2020 the year you put magick into all you do!

Grab your copy of Witching 2020 for only $28 and be part of the Witching community for the year…

This is a digital product, nothing physical will be shipped to you. All sales are final.
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Witching 2020 is for you if...

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I've been making planners since 2010. I made the first Witching planner in 2018 because it was the planner I needed and wanted, so I knew other witches needed it too!

“I’ve been using Jess’s Witching planners for two years now. One thing I’ve noticed when I look back at my previous planners is that I have definitely been working more magick because she encourages you to never forget that you’re a witch who should use her magick to control her destiny!”
– KAYLA, badass witch


Hey, I'm Jess!

I’m a witch, intuitive tarot and oracle reader, writer, and magickal teacher. If you’ve ever wondered what happened to that weird goth girl in your high school class that was always reading spooky looking books, that would be me! I love to share my unique, fun, and often pop culture infused take on modern witchcraft and spirituality. I teach with humor and a light heart because magick doesn’t have to be somber to work; there is magick in laughter!

I help modern witches with busy lives who are struggling to make magick a part of their daily lives. I provide tools, resources, and services to take them from overwhelmed to empowered with witchcraft practices to support their goals in life and magick.

get witching 2020 and start planning your epic year!

Get the planner for only $28 and join the community and make 2020 amazing.

This is a digital product, nothing physical will be shipped to you. All sales are final.
For a printed edition visit HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Witching 2020 is a digital planner, delivered to you in a PDF format, that you can print at home or take to a printing location (like Kinko’s or Staples) and have printed for you.

YES! If you would like to purchase a printed edition of Witching 2020 (which also comes with access to the online bonuses) you can pick that up here: On Blurb

Nope! You will find the 8 seasonal celebrations listed with the Wiccan/Neo-Pagan names, but on the sabbat info pages you’ll also find lists of other names the celebration is known by. I wanted to make sure the planner wasn’t tradition specific so anyone could use it and make it their own. 

The weekly planner pages contain information like the moon phases, when the moon moves into a new astrological sign, when a new astrological season starts, when the 8 Pagan sabbats will be (fixed and astrological dates) when there are eclipses, and when a meteor shower is expected.

No, but there’s a reason. While I love the instant gratification of downloadable and printable workbooks and planners, I believe from a magickal standpoint that writing things down is powerful and important. Sadly it’s an art that we’re losing and I want to encourage you to put things down on paper in your own writing. When you use a pen to write your magick and magickal notes, think of the pen like a wand and your energy and intentions flow through you, into your pen, and out into the world by manifesting on the paper as your writing. 

Witching 2020 will come to you in a standard letter size. You can resize it through the printing process with Adobe Acrobat or other printing programs. I like creating this in letter size because I want to be sure you have plenty of room for writing and making the planner your own. 

This year I’m not offering a Southern Hemisphere edition. There was a lot of request for one in 2019 but it sold only a few copies. 

Not at all! You’ll have access to the exclusive Witching 2020 online portal where you’ll be able to download all the additional material throughout the year. When I’m asking the people in the Facebook Group for their suggestions on something I’ll also post that in the portal so if you aren’t on FB you can still have your voice added to the creation process. The only thing you won’t get is access to live sessions and community support. Unfortunately I can’t offer unlimited private support so all support will be done through Facebook. 

If you have any questions please email me prior to purchasing:

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Get Witching 2020 for $28 and start making more magick!

This is a digital product, nothing physical will be shipped to you. All sales are final.
For a printed edition visit HERE.