there are times when all you need is another witch to make you feel seen and heard

Witchy BFF is a chance for you to sit down with me and get my help with anything that is weighing on your heart and soul.

Does any of this sound like you on your journey?

You have those days when you feel like no matter what you do all the magick in the work just doesn't seem to get you where you want to be. You have witchy friends but you feel like even they don't get you and their advice seems to obvious to them but feels totally off to you. And the worse part is you feel like they look at you as if something's wrong with you and your beliefs or practices.

You Can Benefit From a Witchy BFF if...

You’re a witch alone on your journey and don’t have trusted witch companions to get help from or ask questions of when it  comes to magick and life as a witch.

You have been on a magickal and spiritual journey for a while but you’re stuck now and can’t find a way to get around your blocks or overwhelm.

You’re too close to a problem or situation and you could really use another set of witchy eyes to look at things from the outside and give advice and perspective.

What if you could...

Have someone that you could sit down and chat with who you knew had no reason to be anything but honest and truthful with you? 

Get answers to questions you have about your spells, magickal practices, or spiritual development on your witchcraft path from another witch who you can trust to bounce ideas off of that will give you honest answers?

How would it change things if you could have someone willing to answer your questions about magick or give advice about issues and challenges you’re dealing with from a witch’s perspective without any motives than to help you and support your journey?



witchy bff

Witchy BFF is a mini-witchy mentoring session that is designed to help you get answers to your big witchcraft questions, get clarity on your magickal practice, and get clarity around your big challenges in life and magick. 

Here's what you'll get

Magickal Extras and bonuses

personal client portal

This is a place on my website just for you where you will be able to access downloads, tools, and materials and contact me with your questions.

crafting your practice guide

My guidebook for witches and mystics that are struggling to create a solid practice that fits their specific needs rather than just copying what others do.

Goal Setting Workbook

Whether its life or magick, setting goals helps to get your intentions more clear and makes knowing how and when to take action easy peasy!

the time has come to unleash your power

Let’s bust through your blocks and challenges and set your inner witch free!

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Jess approaches her students on a completely peer-level, where even though we all know she knows/is capable of much more than we may be at this time there’s always an air of comfort/friendship between us. At no point was I ever ashamed to the point of withholding information or ever put in a position of unacceptable requests throughout our coaching. It truly felt like I was working with a completely trustworthy friend all along the way. I feel like a brand new woman, ready to embark on a journey that I’d already had in mind previously but never possessed the manifestation power or focus to bring it to reality until now.”

Hey, i'm jess!

I’m a witch, intuitive tarot and oracle reader, writer, and magickal teacher. If you’ve ever wondered what happened to that weird goth girl in your high school class that was always reading spooky looking books, that would be me! I love to share my unique, fun, and often pop culture infused take on modern witchcraft and spirituality. I teach with humor and a light heart because magick doesn’t have to be somber to work; there is magick in laughter!

I help modern witches with busy lives who are struggling to make magick a part of their daily lives. I provide tools, resources, and services to take them from overwhelmed to empowered with witchcraft practices to support their goals in life and magick.

Your + Me = magick! Let's do this!

Space is limited each month, but doors are open now!
Get your session for $449!

Need a payment plan? 

Book your session for 2 monthly payments or $240 each!

Frequently Asked Questions

We can get together to talk about how to get you started on your path in a positive way that will work for you and your interests rather than just doing what “everyone” does.

Almost certainly! When working with my mentoring clients I often shuffle the cards and pull as we talk to get insight. But if you need a formal reading, we’ll make that happen!

While we can’t tackle everything in a single session we will address the biggest issues you’re dealing with right now. You are always welcome to book another session.

After your session you’ll get a discount code in your Client Portal to book one follow up session at a discounted rate. You’ll have 60 days to use your coupon code.

Absolutely! Witchcraft is only one path of transformation. If you are more into things like the Law of Attraction, positive thinking, meditation, The Four Agreements, and the like, you’re in the right place! These types of things are also part of my personal path and practice. So if candle rituals aren’t for you but you can get down with mala beads and mantras, we can still make some magick together!

I’m a certified life coach as well as being certified in a number of mentoring, coaching, and healing modalities. You’ll get a witchy perspective with your guidance. 

While I can certainly appreciate being a minor and wanting to develop your witchcraft practice with a teacher, I do not work with anyone under 21 for potential legal reasons.

Nope, sorry! I don’t like doing spells for other people and refer to teach people how to do the magick themselves. I want you to be a self-sustaining witch!

You will not need to purchase anything for our session. I will almost certainly provide you with suggestions for tools, books, etc but you aren’t required to purchase anything.

No refunds are available for this session. If you have any questions at all or are not 100% sure this is the service for you, please email [email protected] with your questions before booking.

Ongoing Mentoring Options

One of the big questions that I get asked about the Witchy BFF session is if there is an ongoing option. “Do you offer two or three month mentoring packages?” I do, but they are all done as custom mentoring packages which I can offer once we’ve had a single session together. Once we have done a session together, should you feel ongoing work would be ideal for you, and I feel I can offer something for you, then we can talk about creating a custom program for you.  

“When I started coaching with Jess I thought I was coming to her for help with a breakup and an unexpected and sudden international move. It turned out that wasn’t the real issue at all! Jess asked questions I never would have thought to ask myself and gave me a whole new perspective on what was going on in my life. She made me feel like what I want matters. By the time we were done I felt like I could take on the world!”

reclaim your witch power and break out of your blocks

Investment: One Time Payment Of  $449

Investment: 2 Monthly Payments of $240