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Fake It Till You Make It Should Not Apply
To Your Life, Purpose, and Happiness

When we get together real magick is going to happen. Working with a varied of different tools, from traditional spiritual and life coaching tolls to magickal and metaphysical practices, we work together get down to the real root of what's cause you dis-ease and holding you back. Then we craft a path full of inspired action. Take the things you learn through our reading or coaching and apply them to your life and manifest those big dreams and intentions!

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Am I the Right Coach for You?

My style of coaching is a little different because I don't believe in hand-holding or coddling your fears. I believe that you're much stronger and much more powerful than you're giving yourself credit for. You don't need someone standing over your shoulder or telling you what to do. I believe that with the right deep digging, soul based questions, a little tough love, and a dose of magick that you can do anything you truly set your intentions on.

If you are read to own your shit, if you're ready to get honest and accept responsibility for your past, present, and future, and you are craving spirit and magickally based actions for change, then we need to connect!

Mystical Mentoring

I believe so strongly in the concept of coaching but NOT in the way coaching seems to happen these days. Do you wish you could have a coach but you don't have a hour or more a week to be on a call with your coach, never mind the work you have to do based on your session? Maybe you want a coach but you don't  want to commit to three months or more with the same coach? Or maybe you just simply get sticker shock when you see how much a lot of coaches charge.

Mystic mentoring might be just what you need. Email only coaching for the busy babe on the go with options from 1 to 3 months of support.

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Intuitive Readings
tarot, oracle, angel card readings

Intuitive readings are a great way to get insight into a situation where you're feeling stuck. If you're looking for readings with soulful inspiration, a dose of coaching and lots of magick, you're in the right place.

I offer different options for readings depending on your needs, intentions, and preferences for readings. Get clarity, insight, and spirit driven action plans through one of many email readings in my Etsy shop.

So if you're not looking for a traditional psychic reading but instead a spiritually fulfilling reflection from your soul, let's connect.

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Have you read all the books, taken the workshops, gone on the retreats but still not making any progress? You're not alone! For lots of people all that “self-help” becomes “shelf-help,” just collecting dust and doing nothing for you because it doesn’t seem practical or it doesn’t fit into your busy life. Having someone else guide you through it is often the trick to make it click.


"Jess is a great teacher, as well as an insightful reading and a wonderful healer. Her lessons are informative and easy to understand. Her cards speak to her in a way that I hope mine will to me one day. I have also had a Chakra session and a Reiki session with her and afterwards I felt at peace, balanced, and whole again (I was quite sick at time time). I trust very few people, and I follow my path alone, but I trust Jess. She’s a beautiful spirit." 

- Bev G. 

"Jess is officially my Sherpa as I navigate the self discovery process. She never fails to give me in depth readings that leave me with tons to meditate on and guide me on my path. Heavy on substance, light on fluff. If you're ready to dig deep and really do the work to grow, you couldn't do yourself a bigger favor than to seek a little guidance from Jess!" 

- Amy P. 


"I loved the great ideas Jess had for marketing my business and the suggestions she had for how to separate myself so I can come out on top of the crowd! Jess tells it like it is, kind of like the metaphysical version of Dr. Phil. I needed to hear some criticism and she was loud and clear with what I needed to do to make positive changes to grow my business. I loved her ideas, advice and tact." 

- Diana W. 

"When I started coaching with Jess I thought I was coming to her for help with a breakup and an unexpected and sudden international move. It turned out that wasn't the real issue at all! Jess asked questions I never would have thought to ask myself and gave me a whole new perspective on what was going on in my life. She made me feel like what I want matters. By the time we were done I felt like I could take on the world!" 

- Patricia M. 

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