WP Daily Post – Pagan Meme

This is totally not part of the daily post list but this is my post for today.  It’s a lovely Pagan Meme making it’s rounds with the blogs and whatnot and so here I am doing it for you all.  Enjoy!

Do you have a magical/Pagan name? Yes
What does it mean? I had picked Rowan at a very specific time in my path when I was experiencing a big change in my view of my path.  The Rowan tree carries the energies of both protection and prophecy or divination.  Rowan is a wood traditionally used for rune making and at the time I was learning the runes and I was very deeply involved in exploring the Norse traditions; I was considering taking up the Asatru path and I felt very drawn to the Rowan tree as I was learning these things.  Pendragon is a name that seemed seemed to keep nagging me.  I am a big Arthurian legend fan, most people who know me know this, but this particular title kept popping up in meditations and dreams. It means “head dragon” and is a title of leadership.  I felt like I had come to a point in my path where I needed to be more proactive, especially with others, and more of a leader.  I felt like there were things in my path that needed to be expressed to others, and I knew I wanted to write and teach, so I felt that even if it were just me being a leader in my own sort of way with that, it was powerful and fitting for me.  The two together seemed to hold a lot of strength and potential.  It’s a name that has served me well…though I will say that this is my public magickal name, and as a result my magickal pen name as well, and I do have a different magickal working name.
How did you find Paganism? I discovered Wicca and Paganism when I had come across a library book about Witchcraft as a child.  The book had a section in the back about modern day Witches and this was where I first discovered the Pagan path.  Though, oddly even at that young of an age (about 8) I knew the things I was reading and understanding were just right for me.
How long have you been practicing? 24 years
Solitary or group practitioner? I am currently a solitary practitioner by choice, but I have been in groups, both public and private, and I’ve held the position of High Priestess in two covens.  I do miss working with other people but, for now until I make may way back to east coast, solo I shall stay.
What is your path?
I consider myself an eclectic Witch who is Wiccan influenced, but I don’t consider myself specifically Wiccan anymore.
Are you out of the broom closet? Very much so.

Who is your patron God? My patron God is Thor though I have always felt a strong connection to the Horned God in his various incarnations.
Who is your patron Goddess? The Morrighan though here I also am very strongly tied to Brighid.
What Gods do you worship? I don’t know that I really have any other specific deities aside from my patrons that I would say I really “worship”.  I do work with and honor other Gods and Goddesses in the Celtic and Norse pantheons in certain types of workings and at certain times of the year.
Do you fear darkly aspected Gods/Goddess, or rather respect them? Not at all…my patron Goddess is the MORRIGHAN!  😉
Do you worship the Christian God? No but certain Christian figures, like Jesus, I have no problem with.  It’s not his fault that his followers didn’t actually listen to what he was trying to say in his teachings.
Do you ever worship animals? No, I wouldn’t say worship…honor, yes.
Or plants? Again, not worship but honor and partner with, yes.

Do you regularly commune with nature? Not as much as I should.  I had always told myself that once I was moved over to the beach that I would spend time every day over there connecting with the energy of the place, but I really don’t.  But I should.
Ever walked barefoot in the woods? Yes and I miss doing things like that.
Taken a camping trip just to talk to nature? Not a full camping trip but I would love to.
Describe the moment you felt closest to Mother Earth? Going for a walk in the woods one time during a late July afternoon.  There was just a very special, very faery-dense energy that day that seemed to get stronger the deeper I went into the woods.
Do you have a familiar? No.  I know how people are about their familiars but I don’t consider my pets my familiars.  Yes, one of my cats likes to be around when I work magick but I don’t consider him my familiar because of that.
Have you ever called upon the powers of an animal in ritual? In a sense…I’ve called on my power animals…
Or a plant? Yes
Do you hug trees? Not a regular basis, but I have.
Give them gifts? Yes
What is your favourite flower to work with? Rose
What is your favourite tree to work with? Oak

W H E E L . O F . T H E . Y E A R
What is your favourite holiday?
Samhain (really, is that even a necessary question?)
What is your least favourite holiday? I don’t know that I have a least favorite.  They all have a purpose that leads into another.
Have you ever held a ritual on a holiday? Yes, I try and hold some sort of ritual for each of the Sabbats and certain feast days.
Ever taken a day off work to celebrate a Pagan holiday? Yes.  I used to request Beltane, Samhain, and Yule off from work when I had a regular day job.
Do you celebrate Yule on the 21 rather than the 25? I celebrate Yule when the astronomical events dictate the solstice.
Have you ever felt the veil thin? Yes, I always feel it both at Beltane and Samhain, but they feel very different.
Ever danced the Maypole? Yes…love dancing the Maypole (and love trying not to get hit in the head and fall towards the end).
Know what the Maypole symbolizes? Yes…do you know what the hole and the wreath symbolize??  😉
How do you usually celebrate the Pagan holidays? Being solitary I tend to have a small ritual that largely focuses on a meditation or journey, and offering for the Gods for the holiday, and then possibly some sort of small magickal work.

Do you use Tarot? Yes
Do you use runes? A little but I use them more for magick than divination.
Do you use a pendulum? Yes (I still wish I could use one like they do on Charmed…lol)
Do you use dowsing rods? I have but I don’t use them often, though I do use them for paranormal investigating.
Do you use astrology? Not really…I mean I read other’s astrology work but I don’t know how to do it myself.
Any other form of divination? Dream interpretation and angel card reading.

What was the first spell you did? I think it might have been a protection spell.
What was the latest? A good fortune spell.
Ever done a love spell? I have done a few and have ended up regretting most of them later.
A job spell? Yes I have, mostly to get interviews when I was having trouble getting any leads, but never for a specific job.
A healing spell? Yes
What was the most powerful spell you’ve ever performed? I don’t really know…I guess I’ve never thought of it.
What deities do you usually call on? I guess mostly my patrons but I do call on Brighid for some things.

Do you believe in Vampires? Yes, both sanguine and psychic.
Werewolves? That I’m not so sure about…I’ve never actually met a werewolf before.
Shapeshifters? Not in the sense that anyone is going to physically change shape before my eyes…
Elves? Kind of?  Yes…yes I do.
Faeries? Yes, but not as little tiny pink winged creatures hiding out in the garden.
Dragons? Yes in an energetic sense…I don’t believe there are physically dragons hiding out somewhere.
Nymphs? Yes (energetically)
Sprites? Yes (energetically)
Mermaids? Yes (energetically)
Satyrs? Yes (energetically)
Ever “seen” any of the above? Yes, in a sense.
Ever talked to any of the above? Yes
Ever used any of the above in magic? Yes
Do you have one of them as a personal guardian? No, at least not that I know of.

Do you see a rabbit, a man or a woman in the moon? I guess I don’t really physically see anything but craters, but I do see face of the Goddess in a way.
Own a cat? Three, actually.
When you meditate, what does your happy place look like? It sort of depends; I have my Inner Temple that I work in often and then there is an ocean setting that I find myself in when I’m just relaxing in meditation.
Do you work with Chakras? Yes, I love working with chakra energy.
Do you believe in past lives? Yes
If so, describe a few briefly: I believe that when we die we go through a rebirth process that brings us to a next life based on what lessons we haven’t learned yet that our soul needs to experience.
Do you believe in soul mates? I do but a little differently than I think most people do.  I believe that we have more than one soul mate and that we have soul families and that these soul mates are not necessarily romantic partners but they can be close friends or family as well.
Do you have a spirit guide? Yes, several.
Is it always love and light? HA!  No…and anyone that knows anything about me knows I’m big on the balance.  The light means nothing without the dark to distinguish it.

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