Your Weekend Faery Message

I decided that for the weekends, starting with Friday, rather than daily messages I would do a three card weekend read from the faeries, angels, power animals or whomever else decides to share some weekend wisdom with us.  We’ll be doing our first of these weekend readings one again with the Wild Wisdom of the Faery Oracle. The reading is a sequential 1-2-3 style reading that just carries us through the weekend. Enjoy!

Snail’s Pace
Slow down, Grounds, Listen for the heartbeat of the earth, Subtle energies

Barnabus and the Prince
Adventures, Discovery, Travel, Meeting destiny

Golden Gift
Magickal help is on the way

As the week winds down for you, you may find yourself feeling like you can’t stop and take any real time out this weekend.  You may find yourself trying to think of artful and tactful ways to get time in for work over the weekend because of an overwhelming feeling of push, push, push, go, go, go.  It could be that you’re getting close to completing a project or assignment and you just want to get it done so rather than take a much needed rest you feel you have to keep working.  This is not the weekend for that!  This is a weekend that will do anything in it’s power to get you to slow down, take a break, and enjoy the approaching summer weather (or the approaching winter season for those in the Southern Hemisphere).  This doesn’t mean that you’ll be sitting and watching the clouds go by and feeling bored!  The weekend will come with its own sense of adventure and excitement that will help to pull you out of the busy work world or the hustle and bustle of your day to day running around.  Look for opportunities to do some weekend travel out into nature, whether it’s hiking in the mountains, going into the forest for some time among the trees or digging your toes into a sandy beach.  This is the sort of adventure that you need this weekend, one that will refresh and replenish the mind and spirit!  And as for that pile of work that you’ve been feeling you need to focus on and get done?  It’ll still be there on Monday and it will flow and come together quickly and easily when you return.  You’ll find that things which might have been holding you back previously will smooth out with almost no effort and offers for help will be abundant.  Things will just fall into place and you will have had a chance to breathe in the process.

Enjoy your weekend!!!  You deserve it!

This Weekend’s Affirmation
I allow myself time to play in the sand and bask in the sun knowing my work will soon be done.

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