Your Weekend In Tarot

It’s that time again, time to consult the cards to see what the weekend has in store. The trending energies for the coming weekend seem to be ones that have us in the usual weekend before Yule/Christmas craziness, but it looks like things will end on a high note by Sunday night.

Tonight you might find yourself pulled in a few different directions but driven to get things done as you ride The Chariot seeking victory. Could it be that victorious feeling of finally having all your holiday preparations done or are you finding yourself pulled more toward the idea of having a fun or relaxing night at home or out with friends and family? If you do decide that tonight is the night to take care of that last minute shopping for the holidays, go with a plan. If you know what you’re after and what you need to do you’ll find that the mad rushes and the turbulent energies of those around to be a lot easier to navigate than if you go with no guiding light. Either way, you’ll be a little conflicted about how to spend your night but in the end, whatever you decide, you’ll find it was just what you needed at the time.

On Saturday you’ll find the Queen of Wands will pay you a visit and will be there to help you in doing what you need to with all the passion and gusto that you need. Today is not the day to do anything half-assed. If you need to say something to someone, say it. If you need to do something, do it. But remember that there are consequences to your words and actions. While you might need to get something off your chest with a friend or loved one, don’t let your words sting. The Queen of Wands can rage with a lot of fire when she isn’t tempered with something else. If you feel that fire rising up within, quell it a bit but be true to yourself. Just know that you’ll have to clean up from the mess afterward. At the same time, the first and passions of the Queen of Wands, if put to constructive use, could be very beneficial to you in getting things done before the holidays next week.

So the key messages here from this Queen:
1. Don’t get into any fights in lines while doing your shopping this weekend.
2. Put that energy and that inner fire to work for you so you can relax and enjoy the holidays next week.

By Saturday night the Queen energy will shift from that of the Queen of Wands to the Queen of Coins. You’ll find yourself feeling much more calm, probably ready to just add a few extra touches to the decorations around the house and then ready to sit and relax with a nice hot cup of cocoa. Saturday night will likely be one spent at home, enjoying the domestic side of the holidays now that the hustle and bustle of the day is behind you. Try and take this night for yourself to just sit back, relax, and do any of the little things around the home that you want to (not HAVE to do) to get yourself ready for the week ahead. Don’t be surprised if you find the urge to string some popcorn garland while looking out the window watching snow fall (or imagining snow falling). 🙂

On Sunday Temperance will be surrounding you bringing into balance these two very different energies from the previous day. Today will be a much more even toned day and things will move smoothly. Any last minute tasks that you need to do will be able to get done with ease as long as you hold that balance within. The other message from Temperance here is to stop and remember to keep balance in all things for the holidays and beyond, especially where fiances are concerned. If you’re getting the urge to go out and spend more money on gifts because you feel like you haven’t *quite* got everything, stop and re-evaluate before running back out to spend more money. Again, like with the Queen of Wands, keep in mind that all your actions have consequences, and spending more money than you need to, throwing that out of balance, will have you on the downside of things pretty quickly. Make sure your holiday budget hasn’t already been blown before you decide to hit the stores again.

By Sunday night if you haven’t heeded the warning of Temperance the 7 of Wands will be there to kick you in the butt a bit, letting you know that you may have some difficulties to face now and you might find yourself a bit on the defensive side of things. Just know that this will pass and all will be well again as long as you learn from this that you need to keep yourself in balance in all ways, not just financially, in order to have a happy and healthy holiday (and every day!).

Overall it looks like the weekend will start out a bit crazy and busy but will calm down by Saturday night but you could find yourself back in some craziness come Sunday night. Just keep yourself within your holiday shopping budgets and remember that even though this is “the most wonderful time of the year” everyone, from the cashier at Target to the guy dressed as Santa ringing the bell for the Salvation Army feels the pressures of the season. Keep yourself on track, on plan, and calm.

If all else fails, just remember. Breathe.

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