Yule: The Festival of Light and Rebirth


It’s time to celebrate Yule, the Winter Solstice!
How will you celebrate the longest night of the year?

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“Yule: The Festival of Light and Rebirth” is my winter ebook offering for the Yule holiday.

Are you ready to make Yule a more spiritual and meaningful holiday?  

I’m here with this ebook to help you get a better understanding of the origins of Yule and our modern day winter and Christmas traditions, as well to get a better understanding of why we do what we do so that we can do make our celebrations truly MAGICKAL and MEANINGFUL!

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I’m not familiar with Yule.  What is it?

Yule is the celebration of the winter solstice.  During Yule we stop to reflect on a few different things. With this being the dark time of the year we tend to spend more time indoors, more time doing things on our own and being focused on solitary pursuits. We take time to honor the God who is reborn at this Sabbat. The God comes back, reborn as the Child of Light, bringing with him the returning light of the sun (i.e. son).  We give thanks to the Goddess for carrying the God through his journey of rebirth in the Underworld and giving birth to him.  From this night forth, the sun gets stronger and the days get longer.  At first only by milliseconds that we don’t even notice, but we are moving back toward the sun from this point on.  Celebrating Yule is a time for celebrating hope, life, and renewal.

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What will I learn reading this ebook?

Some of the things that you’ll learn include:

  • Discover the path of how the holiday tree went from an outdoor offering to a brightly lit and decorated indoor tradition
  • Learn about how the Yule Log came to be and how the tradition has evolved
  • Find out what a Catholic Bishop and Odin all have in common with Santa Claus
  • Ideas for very simple and powerful ways to empower yourself spiritually during the winter season
  • Get ideas for how to create your own Yule and winter celebrations and traditions based on the intentions of the original winter celebrations of rebirth and the sun
  • You’ll also get spells, blessing rituals, instructions for creating spiritual and magickal decorations
  • Included are two complete and different Yule rituals that you can perform as either a solitary or with others
  • And a small worksheet and journal section helps you to connect to the winter season both spiritually and in a mundane sense, giving you ways to plan out your winter season and find clarity and focus for the coming year.




Want to check out a little sample?

Grab this short freebie with excerpts from the book.


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What more can you tell me about the ebook?

The ebook has just over 130 pages of content and comes in a PDF format.
Here is a summary of the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Roots of Yule
learn about the origins of Yule, Christmas and other winter celebrations

Chapter 2: Gods of Yule
Spirits of the Yule Season, The Holly King and Oak Kings, St. Nicholas, Santa Claus, Krampus and more!

Chapter 3: Trees, Logs, Woods, and Greens
learn all about the holiday trees we use each year and the other plants and greenery that deck the halls this season.

Chapter 4: Yule Magick
rituals for you to celebrate and connect to the spirit of winter and rebirth.

Chapter 5: Yule Rituals
2 different complete Yule rituals for a full holiday celebration.

Chapter 6: Magickal Self-Care
magic for protecting your home, seasonal self-care, and giving gifts of kindness.

Chapter 7: Winter Worksheets
set goals for the season, journal to connect with the energy of winter, plan to keep boredom away…and more!

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Learn how to do a great Yule ritual
with just a candle and a Sun card
from any tarot deck!

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