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Need a quick answer to a question about spirituality, magick, spells or rituals?
Feeling stuck, stumped or confused about something going on in your life and you wish you had a Witch to for some advice?


Look no further! I'm here to help!


Ask A Witch is sort like Dear Abby except Abby's a Witch and she really like tarot cards, crystals, and champagne.


How It Works:

You send in a question with the form below and I'll write a post on my blog giving you an answer.  It's a win-win because chances are if you have this question someone else does to.  When I help you with your question we're both helping someone else too!


Why I Want To Help:

I love getting the chance to share the wisdom I've gained about spirituality, magick, and ritual from my almost 30 years of practice, study - and most of all - experience.  When someone's got a question I'm always happy to help.  I've had to learn to limit my time in groups and forums because I can spend hours chatting with people that are just getting started and looking to navigate their way through the mystic.

But YOU...I want you to jump to the front of the question queue!

So tell me what's on your mind and what's got you feeling stuck and I'll lend my spiritual and magickal advice and point of view, totally free, to help you get moving.


"But, what can I ask?"

If you're curious about any of these topics, or ones like them, and you have a burning question you'd like an answer to, ask me!  If you have a situation going on in your personal life that you'd like spiritual or magickal tools to help you resolve things, ask away!  Fill out the form below and I'll answer your question in an Ask A Witch blog post!


Some of the common things I get asked about...

candle magick
moon magic
psychic development
folk magick
energy work
letting go
finding love
living with intention
dealing with curses + hexes

joy + happiness
dharma + life purpose
broken hearts
Law of Attraction
daily spiritual practice
tarot + oracle reading/magick
herbal magick
miracle making
spiritual and witchy business

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