looking for a reading that doesn't tell you what will happen, but instead guides you to take action and manifest your desires?

Tarot and oracle readings shouldn’t be about predicting the future but empowering you to be able to take control of your future.


  • You feel like something is holding you back but you can’t seem to quite put your finger on it.  And even if you could, you still don’t know what you’d do next.

  • You have a relationship issue with a lover, a friend, or a family member that you don’t understand and you want to know what you can do to heal the relationship.

  • You’re feeling an overwhelming sense of not knowing what to do to get yourself back into balance.  Everything feels off.

  • You have stacks of self-help books that aren’t helping you despite your best intentions to learn how to make changes and gain clarity on your own.

  • You’ve got a burning question about your life that you want spiritual insight on so you can make the best possible decision.

  • You’re tired of numbing your feelings and worries to avoid the issues and now you know it’s time to create change.

then it's time for an intuitive reading session!

My readings are a combination of intuitive card reading, spiritual life coaching, and magick. It’s the whole witchy package you need to move forward!

I strive to give all my clients actionable guidance and advice, keys to change. Info is nice but if you can’t take action on it, what’s the point?

You’ll always get what you need, even if it’s not what you want. The messages are always what Spirit needs to tell us and it’s our job to listen.


Spend between 30 and 90 minutes on a Zoom call with me, asking whatever questions you have, getting things off your chest, and getting spiritual and magickal insights and guidance?

What if that guidance empowered you, removing the doubt and fears that have been holding you back, so you have the confidence to take action and stop letting life happen to you and instead shape your life how you want it?

Then it's time!

book an intuitive tarot or oracle reading!

I don’t consider myself to just be a tarot reader, I’m a tarot counselor (certified in fact!).  I don’t just throw down your cards and tell you what I see and send you on your way.  My readings are more like an intervention for your soul. 

I use the cards as a tool to connect to your Higher Self, your guides, and angels so I can help you find ways to actually create change in your life, not just tell you something you might want to hear that you can’t do anything with.  I want you to walk away from a reading with me feeling inspired to take action with full clarity on where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.

before we go any further, please know...

I am not a psychic!

I do not do “psychic readings”. I don’t predict your future and I do not believe that anything is predestined or preordained. What we do here in these sessions is gain clarity on your present so you can make actionable plans for your future.  The cards are a trigger for our inner knowing and higher consciousnesses. A psychic reading is entertaining but the soul based spiritual intuitive sessions can be life changing.

Here's what you'll get with every session

stop wondering what's going on and what to do!

Book a reading session with me today and get the answers, support, and magickal guidance you need to take control of whatever is happening in your life right now.

The readings!

5 Card Check-in

This is a short 30 minute session but it’s no less helpful! This is a reading designed to look at how the past got you to the present and where the present is currently taking you. It’s perfect for checking in on something currently in progress or to get quick insights on a specific question.

The witch's cross

This is a 60 minute modified version of the Celtic Cross just for us witches! This one keeps the cross aspect to show you what is crossing you and the past, present, and future energies. The change is that the run of cards on the side answer questions about using magick for your situation.

manifesting the future

This is a 90 minute session that uses 15 cards to help you get clear on your desires, what you want to manifest, and how to make it happen. We look at the future you are currently on track to create as well as an alterate one that is possible for you. It’s like a spiritual choose your own adventure!

this is for you if...

this is not for you if

book your reading

all readings are your choice of tarot, oracle, or angel cards

5 Card Check-In

A quick reading to check in on a specific or general question.
$ 65
  • 30 min Zoom call
  • Video download of session
  • PDF of post-reading resources
  • Opportunity for follow up questions

The Witch's Cross

A modified Celtic Cross reading that includes specifics about working magick for your situation.
$ 145
  • 60 min Zoom call
  • Video download of session
  • PDF of post-reading resources
  • Opportunity for follow up questions

Manifesting The Future

A 15 card reading to look at the future you're heading toward and the one that could be possible
$ 245
  • 90 min Zoom call
  • Video download of session
  • PDF of post-reading resources
  • Opportunity for follow up questions

prefer an email reading?

Email readings are something that I offered for years, and actually ONLY did for quite a long time. Since early 2022 it’s become hard for me to have times that are easily convenient for clients to book live readings. So email readings are back! 

You’ll receive your reading as a beautiful PDF with pictures of the cards pulled for you, full interpretations of cards in their positions, and summary info with advice and recommendations to help you manifest your desired outcome. 

all readings are your choice of tarot, oracle, or angel cards

5 Card Email Reading

An in-depth reading PDF.
Delivered in 3-5 days.
$ 75
  • Full interpretation of each card and position
  • Delivered as a printable PDF
  • Get a general reading or answer a specific question
  • Opportunity for follow up questions

SAME DAY* Email Reading

Can't wait! Get your reading ASAP!
Same Day Delivery if client intake form is submitted before 8pm EST
$ 125
  • Same Day Delivery *
  • Full interpretation of each card and position
  • Get a general reading or answer a specific question
  • Opportunity for follow up questions

hey, I'm jess!

I have been reading professionally for 23 years but have been studying tarot and working with the cards for 36 years. I discovered the cards as a kid and quickly found that with the help of the visuals in the cards that I could awaken my own clairvoyance and see answers and messages of guidance for myself and others.

I am mainly a clairvoyant and clairaudient, meaning I see and hear messages from the Divine, my guides, the angels, and those on the other side. Among my many training accomplishments, I am a certified tarot counselor, a certified tarot reader, and a certified angel card reader. I am always learning, growing, and developing my tarot reading and intuitive practices and skills to improve my craft. My goal is to always give you helpful, ethical, and professional reading. And if you ever have questions about your reading, I’m always happy to help!

now is the time to get the help and clarity you deserve!

It’s time to invest in your spiritual well-being! 

the not so fine print

You must be at least 21 years old to purchase a reading. For legal reasons, all readings are for entertainment purposes only. Information provided by the reader is not to be substituted for professional, legal and/or medical advice. No questions on medical/health or legal issues will be answered. No guarantees are offered and all sales are final.

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