if you're still doing spells right out of the pages of books, you're missing the best part of witchery!

The Spell Crafting Sessions are a chance for you to be guided through creating bespoke spells for you to work for whatever needs a little magick in your life.

witchcraft is..and should be...a form of creative expression

Everything that we do with our magick, from the moment we think about casting a spell, to picking out the tools we use, to how we act after the candles have burned out, are acts of magick. Every step from conception to manifestation is part of the magick. So why are you letting someone else's words and intentions play such a big role in creating your future?

but i get it...

When you’re new to the Craft, or you’re just not feeling confident that you know enough to write your own spells, it can feel like you have no choice but to do what other people have laid out in their books and online material. 

Creating your own spells, writing your own words of power, are a huge part of making magick that manifests what YOU want without any hidden agendas or motives. Because, let’s be honest… 

if you aren't able to write your own spells, how do you know that what someone else has written is legit?


the spell crafting sessions

The Spell Crafting Sessions is a one-on-one magickal experience like no other. Together, you and I will create spells and magickal plans from the ground up that you will be able to perform no matter what your level of experience is, knowing without any question that every word, every ingredient, and every action has been carefully selected and created with your goals and intentions at heart…because you’re part of the process every step of the way! 

this isn't magick done for you, this is magick created for you to cast so the power is in your hands!

Unlike some other spell services and magickal workers, I don't want to do the spell for you. I want to teach you how to the do the spells yourself. I want to show you how to create your own spells and rituals so you can be completely self-sustaining as a witch and never have to rely on someone else to do your magick for you.

When you ask someone else to cast a spell for you, you leave your future in someone else's hands. If they have a bad day, they may be bringing that energy to your otherwise well intentioned abundance or healing spell. You also have to consider their involvement energetically in your spell. What is their motive to create and cast a successful spell for you? Quite honestly, because you're paying them. Their only real motive is to not have an angry customer later.

This is why I am so passionate about teaching witches how to have confidence in creating their own spells.

Magick does not have to be complicated to create or cast. More is not always more when it comes to witchcraft.

The best magick is magick that you do for yourself. It’s magick that your energy and intentions are wrapped in with every action and word.

When you know the ins and outs of spell crafting you have the power to create any spell for any purpose any time you need it.

that's where I come it and help!

you bring your intentions and i'll teach you have to write and cast the spell you need

Here's how it works

after we work together you'll...

have the spell you need

Since you're part of the whole creation process you'll now it is the exact spell you need and that its something you are going to be able to do confidently.

have a better understanding of spell writing

After working on your spell together you'll have an idea of how to create your next spell on your own when you need it.

have more clarity on your practice

You'll learn a few things about yourself through the process and have a clear vision of what your practice should look like.

stop working with someone else's spells & intentions!

Space is limited! Currently booking 2 spots for December

Investment: $659

a spell crafting sessions is for you if...


“I love Jess’s approach to creating spells and rituals. She starts with your intention but then asks what you’re comfortable with and what you want to learn. I felt like I got so much more than a spell from this process. I learned how she writes a spell but I also learned a few new magickal techniques that I’ve wanted to learn but felt I needed someone experienced to guide me. Her support through the process was invaluable and my spell manifested the outcome I wanted in just a few weeks. I will definitely work with Jess again as a witchcraft teacher and mentor anytime I have the chance!”


Hey there! I'm Jess!

I’m a witch, intuitive tarot and oracle reader, writer, and magickal teacher. If you’ve ever wondered what happened to that weird goth girl in your high school class that was always reading spooky looking books, that would be me! I love to share my unique, fun, and often pop culture infused take on modern witchcraft and spirituality. I teach with humor and a light heart because magick doesn’t have to be somber to work; there is magick in laughter!

I help modern witches with busy lives who are struggling to make magick a part of their daily lives. I provide tools, resources, and services to take them from overwhelmed to empowered with witchcraft practices to support their goals in life and magick.

together we'll create a spell more amazing than anything in a book!

From start to finish you’re part of this process, making your intentions and energy the foundation of your spell.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are actually creating your spell together. You will be involved in determining the techniques, tools, ingredients, and words that go into your spell. I will be doing all the work to create the final product for you, but we’ll be doing that work together, so in a sense you’re writing the spell too! 

Absolutely! The spell we create is going to be something that will work with your level of experience while also helping you learn techniques and processes that you want to explore.

Roughly this process takes about 4 weeks start to finish, but honestly how long it takes is up to you. If you’re looking for help in a hurry and you just need some quick advice or suggestions I’d suggest checking out my Witchy BFF sessions instead. 

The only thing that I will not do is write a love spell intended to get a specific person to fall in love with you. That may be your intention and you might want to make that certain someone feel a certain way about you, but trust me when I tell you there are other and better ways to get the love you’re looking for.  

Maybe…but only if you’re over 21. For both legal and moral reasons I do not work with minors. You can learn a lot from my blog or even purchasing one of my ebooks, but I cannot work one-on-one with anyone under the age of 21.

No, not at all! If you feel that a spell you have found in a book or online is 100% in alignment with your own intentions and desires, then go for it! But after 30+ years of practicing witchcraft I can tell you with certainty that the best and most successful spells you will do are the ones you create and cast yourself from start to finish. I personally love using spells other people have written as inspiration for my own magick but I never use the words of someone else. There is major power in those words, so using your own is always best. 

Nope, definitely not!  All you need to do is come to me with your intention, need, or situation and we’ll sort everything out from there. The Diagnostic Tarot Reading that we’ll do will also guide us in determining the best course of action with magick for your needs. But in the end the type of spell we write will be something that you feel confident working with. 

Yes and no. While I have no issue with doing dark magick, that many not be the best thing for your situation. There are many ways to approach a situation and we’ll look at them all and pick the one that you feel most comfortable with.

Unfortunately, no. Witchcraft is an art, not a science. There are a lot of factors that can play into the success of a spell. And as the Rolling Stones say “You can’t always get what you want, But if you try sometime you find, You get what you need.” 

I always say that our spells always work because they either give us the outcome we want or the lesson we need. But you can rest assured that I will do everything I can to help you to find success with your magick.

A full refund is available if requested within 48 hours of booking. Once the Diagnostic Tarot Reading has been done, no refund will be available. If you have any questions at all or are not 100% sure this is the service for you, please email [email protected] with your questions before booking.

“I was in a really bad place when I started working with Jess. I was a little hesitant to work with her at first because I had been taken for thousands of dollars from a ‘witch’ that was casting spells for me who turned out to be a fraud. I talked to Jess and she assured me that we could work together to create something I could do for myself to help with getting over a breakup. By the time we were done I felt a whole new sense of empowerment and was on the way to finally experiencing some real healing.”

Create your own magick and craft your future

Availability Is limited!     Investment: $659