Healing That Sparkles


Healing That Sparkles is another installment in the Cosmic Wisdom Camp ebook series.


This workshop in an ebook takes you through the beautiful world of crystal magic and crystal healing. You’ll learn everything from the basics of how crystals work, how to clear, balance and heal your chakras with crystals, how to make crystal grids, and even how to do crystal divination.

After working through Healing That Sparkles you’ll be able to use crystals on yourself and others to heal and manifest anything you intend to attract into your life.

Crystals are amazing little gifts from Mother Earth. You’ve probably heard about all the things you need to do to make crystals work for you – charging them, cleansing them, programming them, putting them out in moonlight – I mean it’s crazy!

The truth is working with crystals is much easier than that. When you learn the simple science behind crystals it becomes so easy to pick out the right crystal for anything and use it without a lot of steps or work.

I’ve been working with crystals for over 20 years and become really drawn to using them more when I was first learning Reiki. Now, as a Certified Crystal Healer, I love recommending crystals to my clients to further their transformations and healing because you really don’t need any training to make them work for you. All you need to know is the basics of how they work, how to pick the right stone and how to care for them and you’re good to go!

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need to spend thousands of dollars on training to learn to use crystals for yourself and your friends or family. If you’re looking to just use crystals for yourself as a home remedy, to use them for manifesting your desires and or help those close to you, you’ll find everything you need inside Healing That Sparkles!

Healing That Sparkles is the ebook version of one of my Cosmic Wisdom Camp Workshops. I’ve taken the 5 weekly lessons and combined them into a single ebook that’s jam packed with info and practical activities for you to do to bring crystal magic, healing and wisdom into your life right away. By the time you’re done you’ll be able to rock with rocks like a badass!

You’ll receive:

Healing That Sparkles ebook – over 80 pages to guide you through learning how to work with crystals for healing and magic

The Crystal Cave Guided Meditation MP3 – a meditation to help you learn how to connect with the individual spirit of your crystals so you can better learn how they want to work with you



BONUS! The Chakra Check-In ebook – this beginners guide to the chakras will be helpful for guiding you through doing charka healing with your crystals, especially if you’re new to working with these powerful energy centers.



Here’s what you’ll learn in the 5 sections of Healing That Sparkles

✨ The basics behind what makes crystals work
✨ Why simply carrying a crystal is enough to promote change
✨ Effectively cleans and charge a crystal without the woo-woo stuff
✨ Pick the right crystal for anything based on science and intuition
✨ Create a basic crystal kit for healing and manifesting
✨ Get a crash-course in chakras and learn charka crystal work to ease physical, mental and emotional dis-ease
✨ Learn basic crystal healing techniques
✨ How to make crystal elixirs, baths, and more
✨ Discover the process and power of creating crystal grids
✨ Find out how to send healing to others through crystal grids
✨ Learn to create crystal prescriptions for yourself and others
✨ How to clear and protect yourself and your home with crystals
✨ Learn to make crystal magic bags for manifesting
✨ Discover the power of working with crystal pendulums for healing and more
✨ Dive into the magical art of divination with stones and crystals

With the tools presented in Healing That Sparkles you’ll be able to easily and effectively work crystal healing and magic without tons of training and over the top practices. You’ll learn to keep it basic, simple and practical so stones and crystals can become an everyday part of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Pick up the Healing That Sparkles ebook,
complete with the Crystal Cave Guided Meditation MP3
and Chakra Check-In bonus ebook
for just $40.

**Please note that Healing That Sparkles comes to you as a zip file which needs to be downloaded to a computer before the files can be moved to a mobile device. Please email me if you have questions before purchasing.**


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