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I’m Jess, a Heathen and Witch with a passion for tarot reading, shamanic healing, and spiritual practice. And luxury makeup…and luxury fashion….OK really luxury anything. OH! And horror movies, all things goth, and EDM music, and anything having to do with vikings {just putting that out there}.


If you’re new here, welcome!


It’s awesome to have you here. I wanted to create a little bit of a space to help you to get started understanding a bit more about me, what I do, and what you’re going to find when you ready my blog or my social media. Plus this way you don’t have to do too much digging around to get familiar with what’s what.


First…learn more about me!

I’ve been exploring the world of spirituality and magick for 30 years. I’ve been reading tarot professionally for 20 years. I started my path by studying Wicca and practicing solitary Wicca Scott Cunningham style, which I did a self-dedication with at age 13 under a full moon around the Summer Solstice that year {1988 to be specific}. Since then I’ve trained as a high priestess and have degrees in a few traditions including Third  Degree in The Temple of Witchcraft Tradition and Second Degree in the Cabot Tradition and taken initiations in shamanism. I’ve also trained and become certified in different practices like Usui Reiki, tarot reading and counseling, angel healing, and paranormal research.

Plus I’ve had a crazy personal life that’s shaped my journey, consisting of everything from being dirt poor living in an illegal apartment with no heat or gas, being really well off living in a resort style home in California, being so depressed I didn’t get out of bed for four months, being addicted to drugs, and being super high on life alone. It’s been a life of ups and downs but it’s been awesome!

You can read more about me and my story here!


Let Me Explain What I’m About…

The tagline for my website is “Wild Witchery – Daring Spirituality – Charmed Living.” So what does that mean?


Wild Witchery

This to mean is the idea of embracing your power, embracing your magick that you hold within you and letting it loose, really using it! Most of us hold back on using our power and many of us actually have a little fear around embracing that power. Let’s be honest, once you realize how much power you actually have you lose all excuses for not making change in your life. But wild witchery is also about actual magick. Witchcraft; doing rituals and working spells, harnessing your power and focusing it to address your needs and doing it without excuses. It can mean doing magick from different traditions and different paths and using those traditions to inspire the creation of our own magick.



Daring Spirituality

Spirituality is not meant to be dictated by a book or another person. We are our own gurus and we create our path with the Divine. When we embrace Daring Spirituality we are daring to create a spiritual path and spiritual truth based on what we know, what we feel in hearts, and what our spirit experiences. We dare to create our own rules about connection with the Source, relationship with the Divine and what name and face we give it, and how we co-create this spirituality with the Universe.



Charmed Living

When life and spirituality meet we create a charmed life. Charmed Living is all about bringing your magick and spiritual power and guidance into the every day, or what we might call “the real world.” We let it guide our decisions, support us in times of struggle, and help bring a little magick to everything. It’s also living fully and giving yourself permission to love meditation and self-discovery while also being passionate about cooking, fashion, or makeup. Just because you value a spiritual connection to the Divine doesn’t mean you can’t value a good bottle of champagne and a sexy pair of heels. There’s magick in those things too!


My Mission…

I believe that spirituality is an important part of our lives no matter what else we’re into. Our spiritual practice helps us navigate life’s stresses and challenges. It can also help us figure out what to do when we find ourselves in sticky situations.

But here’s the thing; I also believe that you should live life and love it while you’re here.

We can’t all live like monks, and honestly we don’t all want to! That doesn’t mean you should pass up being spiritual thought.

Just because you’re spiritually dialed in that doesn’t mean you can’t love a good lipstick and an amazing bag to carry it in!

My mission is to help women learn to embrace their spiritual side, their inner witch and mystic, while also enjoying all the charms and luxuries live has to offer. I’m particularly focused on helping people develop a solid, doable, and sustainable spiritual practice they can do every day. A daily practice is the cornerstone of a spiritual life that supports you on your journey around this big rock we’re on.


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