A Quick & Easy Psychic Herb Jar

Today I have a quick one for you and it’s perfect for all your witchy babes looking to help boost your psychic energies while doing intuitive work. No matter what your level of magickal experience is, you can make this and work this spell, trust me!

What we’re doing is making an herb jar for psychic energy. The intention behind it is to take the energies of these different herbs and bring them together to help boost your natural abilities. Any time you’re going to do psychic work like reading tarot or oracle cards, doing energy work, meditating or connecting with your guides you’ll shake the jar while saying a little incantation and then inhale the scent of the herbs. Easy peasy!

This is the perfect time to get this together and make it because we’re coming out of a new moon and heading into the waxing phase. So let’s get witch-crafting!


You’ll Need:

  •  – This can be any size and shape you’d like. Ideally you’ll be filling the jar at least half-way with herbs so don’t go too big unless you’re prepared to use a lot of herbs.
  • The Following Herbs – Amounts of herbs needed will depend on the size jar you use.

Allspice {for luck and to relax the mind}

Bay Leaves {for psychic visions}

Cinnamon {for keeping the vibes pure}

Flax Seed {for boost psychic abilities}

Dried or Powdered Garlic {for protection}

Marjoram {for emotional projection}

Star Anise {for having clear and true visions/messages}

Optional – Rose Petals {for an offering to the spirits}

Glitter – the more the better!


Before you get started make sure your jar is physically clean. I also like to smudge it or wipe it out with salt water to make sure it’s spiritually clean as well. Be sure it’s completely try before you get started.

Next you’ll add in your herbs. You’re going for an equal amount of each filling at least half the jar. You don’t have to layer them in or anything like that just get them in for now.

As you add them in hold each herb for moment and visual their intention and how they will help you. See the allspice helping you feel relaxed and open receiving during your work and see the garlic keeping you safe. Once the feeling is strong add it to the jar. Do this with all the herbs.

When you’re done cap it closed.

This is where you can get a little creative and add some of your own flair. You can decorate the jar if you’d like, especially if you think you’ll keep it out on an altar or in some other sacred space.

This is also a good time to sit with your jar and think of something you’d like to say while shaking the jar before using it. You might even want to write it and put it on the jar somewhere. This can be written in a rhyming charm style or you can write it like an affirmation. A few examples might be:

Awaken energies and bring to me
Increased psychic abilities


I am receiving powerfully clear psychic messages that are divinely guided.


Take your time and be create something that’s meaningful to you and that you have written in your own words. I can’t stress it enough that your own words are always going to be meaningful, have more intention, and more power than anything anyone else writes, no matter who writes it! Once you decide on your verbal charm, write it down and keep it somewhere safe, even if you don’t keep it on your jar.

If you want to do any special charging of your jar you can do that as well. You can charge it in a crystal grid, charge it under the waxing moon, smoke it in psychic incense…whatever feels right for you. Again, get creative!

Once you feel your jar is all done you can set it aside until you need it or you can take it for a spin right away!


Here’s how to use it:

Every time you’re getting ready to do any kind of intuitive or psychic work, sit with your jar for a few moments. Hold it while you ground and center with a few deep breaths. When you’re ready, open your eyes and start shaking the jar gently and reciting your incantation. You can say it as many times as you wish or you might choose to say it a certain number to times. When you feel the jar has been awakened {you might feel the jar buzzing or you just know it’s ready} open the jar and inhale the scent of the herbs. Imagine the energies and the spirits of the herbs surrounding you in a web of protective and inspiring spiritual energy. When you’re ready, close the jar up {I like to say a little thank you}. You can leave it on your altar or have it with you when you’re doing your work.

Once a year empty the jar and replace the herbs with fresh ones. I like to do this at Samhain. You can either scatter the old herbs or burn them {my preference} to release them. Be sure that when you do this you do it reverence, saying thank you for the service of the spirits of the herbs.


If you make a jar for yourself be sure to share it on Instagram!
I’d love to see what you come up with.
Tag me @jessjcarlson and use the hashtag #wildwitchery.


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    March 30, 2017 at 11:15 am

    Awesome – thank you! <3
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