Playing With Fire


Playing With Fire

Magic and Ritual with Candles


Playing With Fire is a workshop in an ebook that will teach you the basics and beyond of working powerful candle magic rituals for anything.

If you’ve ever been curious about how to work simple but powerful magic with tools you can easily pick up at the grocery store or the local Target, Playing With Fire is definitely for you.

This is simple folk magic using simple ingredients that can be found easily. The way the magic works is that we infuse an appropriate candle with intention and dress it up with other items that have energy intentions and vibrations that match the intention of our work.


When I was about 10 years old I started my journey into working magic. My first kind of magic I learned was herbal charms using just the herbs that my Mom kept int he spice drawer in the kitchen. But a few years later I learned how to take these herbal charms and blend them with candles to make even more powerful magic.

And for me, as an Aries, working with fire just came naturally. I was drawn to fire for as long as I could remember so learning to use candles for magic seemed so simple and natural.

Magic can be a little intimidating when you’re getting started. All those different tools and ingredients, the complicated steps and incantations; it can feel overwhelming and even a bit too “out there” to have any real meaning or purpose. Candle magic is a whole other kind of magic.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do simple magic that wont break the bank but that can bring some powerful results…and that’s fun and creative…divine into an introduction to candle magic with Playing With Fire.


As you work through Playing With Fire you’ll learn how to create simple and somewhat complex rituals with candles to help you boot your ability to manifest heath, happiness, love, money and more. Whatever you need you can create a candle ritual for that.

After Playing With Fire you’ll know how to do that. You’ll walk away with the ability to create magical rituals with candles for whatever you need in your life.


Playing With Fire is a workshop in an ebook. You’ll receive the ebook and links to two instructional videos to help you along the way.

The ebook contains 4 lessons for you to work through at your own pace, each one with a candle ritual.



Section 1 is The Basics. Learn everything you need to know about how to pick the right candle, what other kind of ingredients you need and how to pick them how, how to know your magic is working and how to dispose of candle leftover properly.


Section 2 is all about charging, carving, dressing and blessing your candles for your work. You’ll also get a cool candle magic journal worksheet to help you keep all the steps and supplies organized every time you do a candle ritual.


Section 3 is a fun section that introduces to a kind of candle called a Gypsy Wishing Candle. This is a candle ritual that I learned from a traditional witch a handful of years ago and one that I absolutely love. It’s unique and it gives you a chance to get a bit crafty with your candle magic!


Section 4 is the big work…7 Day Loaded Ritual Spell Candles. This is what I call the big guns of candle magic. Here you’ll learn how to dress, prep and work this traditional Hoodoo candle ritual that is beloved by many. This is big work so you’ll get lots of step by step instructions and a video to take you through the whole process. You’ll also learn how to read signs from your candles while they burn and once they are complete. You’ll know before the ritual is even done just how well your magic is working and what you may need to do to help it along.



Everything is neatly contained in this digital workshop. Inside you’ll find the links to the videos as you need them along with all the lessons in order in one PDF to keep things simple and streamlined.


You’ve been doing candle magic since the first time you made a wish and blew out a birthday candle. Now learn how to do it with power and intention and make candle magic a tool you use to being your dreams into reality.

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