Powerful Lessons From Personal Retreat


The month of February was a weird one.  I had made all the plans and arrangements to take the month off from my business so that I could take some time to just be in a state of creative, receptive flow.  Why I was doing this I didn’t totally know, but it was something that I just felt called to do.  So I closed up all my coaching programs for the month and pretty much set everything else on autopilot and with my lofty dreams of yoga on the beach and reading books in the sunshine, I headed off for my month long retreat at home.

The first few days started out awesome.  I was doing stuff that I kept saying I wanted to do but felt like I never had the time because, oh woe is me, I have to work so hard and bust my ass to pay the bills so I don’t have time for me.  So I did those things…



For about 3 or 4 days anyway.  Then I started to get antsy about not doing anything “productive” and started to do work on my website and planning the next session of Talk To Your Angels for May.

But there was a problem with that…that wasn’t the agreement I’d made with Spirit when I asked for the space to take this time off.  My plan had been to be in state of receptivity and communication with my guides and Higher Self so I could get a refreshed sense of what to work on and create when I came back in March.  Since I wasn’t doing that after less than a week and was slowly slipping back into old patterns, Spirit made sure I put the brakes on.

I got the flu.  In a big bad way.

Spirit decided that it was time to have a soul intervention.  I was sleeping 15 hours a day and having deeply vivid and lucid dreams with visits from my guides and power animals.  When I was awake I wasn’t able to really focus on anything for more than a few minutes.  In the beginning it was a little better…in the first few days I was sick I managed to write 3 or 4 blog posts for the week but after that I was down for the count.  Not surprisingly because I was trying to fight it by working.

So that meant for the next week or so I was either asleep or lying on the couch, half in my body, watching TV without the real ability to process it.  I ended up watching every episode of Parks & Recreation available on Netflix and Hulu {it’s now one of my favorite TV shows}.

As I started to feel better, and my dreams got a little less feverish and more clear, my guides started to show me images and words in the form of art.  It was odd at first because I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on, but then it started to make sense.  I was being urged to take the messages and guidance from my guides into a physical form.  When I asked for a little more clarity it came through to make an oracle deck.

This is what is on the back of all the cards…

Photo Feb 18, 6 22 40 PM

These are some of the cards…the deck has 44 cards in total.

Photo Feb 26, 2 33 04 AM

When I started I thought this might be a huge undertaking that I’d stop working on after a few days but it turned into something that went from concept to completion in 11 days.  In case you missed it, I did this week’s Messages From Spirit with the deck and I’ll probably keep using it for the weekly readings for a while.

I’ve had a lot of questions about when I’m going to have them available for sale, but the truth is I never had that thought in my head when I was doing this.  I have no plans for making the deck available for sale but instead I’m in the process of creating an e-course about how to create, write, and structure your own personal oracle deck.  This isn’t the first deck I’ve made but it was the first I’ve created in a sort of “traditional” format with physical cards, art, and all that.

When the end of the month came and it was time to move on to March and get back to work I was given plenty of signs and guidance that it was better to stay in this state of downtime than to dive back in and push to do more.

It’s all about balancing the masculine and feminine energies of push and pull, ebb and flow…something we all have to learn to deal with.  For me it’s dealing with the masculine energy of business and the feminine energy of spirit and creation.  I’ve spent far too much time in the last 16 months in the masculine flow so I’m excited to focus more on being in the feminine and just letting go of systems, “have to’s and must do’s” and focus on ritual, ceremony, meditation, writing, and creating.

Expect to see big changes…Spirit is demanding it and I’m just going with it.

But here are the big lessons I learned with all this:

  • Just because there’s something you think you’re going to do doesn’t mean it’s what Spirit is going to allow – Spirit knows best.
  • Not doing something is just as powerful and meaningful, sometimes even more so.
  • The antenna that is your body is the best compass you’ll ever have access to.
  • Always keep a journal by your side because when you’re open to Spirit’s guidance inspiration strikes when you’re least prepared.  {This is a lesson I’ve known for years but it was very well reinforced during this past month.  I have PAGES of notes for things to do in the months to come.}
  • Once you mark a milestone or achieve something amazing that you’ve been working to attract you must take downtime so you can rebuild the energetic container for your work, creativity, and manifesting power.

Now that it’s time to move into a whole new container I’m taking my time to build it through my shamanic work and magic {next week I’m going for a Munay-Ki ritual to get this new shifting period started}.  I can’t wait to take you all on this ride with me!

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