April Full Seed Moon Magick

I’m a day late, yes that’s true! But depending on where in the world you are, and how you like to work with lunar magick, there’s still time to work with this spell mat for the April Full Seed Moon in Libra!

Since Mercury Retrograde just began and the Libra moon is all about connection, love, and relationships I thought that a little spell for keeping communication clear and loving in a relationship during the retrograde would be perfect!

This spell is written with the idea of using it with a partner or spouse, but if you aren’t in a relationship you can absolutely modify this to work with any relationship. Think about who you have challenging communication with already. Is it possible that Mercury Retrograde could make matters worse? Then do this spell with this person and this relationship in mind. The candle colors would stay the same but your intention and focus would shift slightly.

First, be sure to click the button to download your Spell Mat for this month!


April Full Seed Moon Spell Mat


Seed Full Moon Spell for Easy Communication During Mercury Retrograde

You Will Need

  • Your Seed Moon spell mat
  • 2 tumbled rose quartz pieces {retuned and ready for use}
  • 1 indigo candle {purple candle substitute} with holder
  • 2 pink candles with holders
  • rose petals
  • dill
  • Indigo or purple fabric
  • White ribbon or cord
  • Carving tool
  • Usual altar items


Optional: If you would like to anoint your candles with oil, which I always do, you can dress all the candles with Lavender oil or you can combine a few drops of Clarity magickal oil and Mercury planetary oil and use this to dress all the candles. You can also burn Lavender or Clarity incense during your work.


Be sure to cleans your candles with salt water and a cotton ball before starting to be sure they are clean both physical and spiritually. Allow them to dry completely.

While your candles are drying, light incense if you wish and take a few minutes to sit in quiet contemplation, connecting with the energies of earth and sky. Take a few deep breaths and feel yourself extending roots down into the earth, connecting to the core energy of the planet and drawing up some of that energy.

Take another few deep breaths, this time bringing your awareness to the top of your head. Extend your awareness up into the sky and cosmos above. Feel yourself tapping into this energy and drawing some of it down into you. Feel the energies of earth and sky merging at your heart center and radiating out through your body.

As you feel this visualize it as a ball of white light that radiates out from you, pulsing and growing to surround your work space in sacred energy. Take another few deep breaths and say:

Powers of Earth
Powers of Sky
Thank you for surrounding me in your protective light.


Now take a little time to think about your intention. The goal of this working is to help keep your communication with your partner easy, loving, and flowing during a time that for some can be really challenging. Think back to a time when your communication was at its best, when you felt heard and understood and when you clearly understood the intentions and desires of your partner. Set the intention to have this vibration surround your relationship for the next three weeks.

Read your petition on the spell mat out loud with intention.

Use your carving tool to carve a symbol of Mercury into the indigo candle. Use the carving tool to carve your name into one pink candle and your partner’s name into the other. Anoint with oils if desired.

Place the Mercury candle in the center of your spell mat.

Take the candle for you and the candle for your partner and hold them together in your hands at your heart center. Feel this energy of love, clarity, and communication building up within you. When you feel it bringing to buzz around you feel it flow from your hands and your heart into the candles.

Place your candle in the holder and your partner’s in their holder. Place them in their spots on the spell mat.

{Note: On the spell mat you’ll notice that the spot on the left is labeled “Pink Candle F” and on the right “Pink Candle M”. This indicates traditional placement of male and female energies on the altar. If you and your partner are both female or both male it doesn’t matter which sides the candles are placed.}

Place your rose quartz pieces on their spots on the altar with intention. When you place yours do it while seeing you speaking to your partner with clarity and listening to them with clarity. Do the same as you place theirs seeing them speaking clearly and hearing you clearly.


Next light the Mercury candle. As you do this think of the positive side of Mercury Retrograde. Communication is still there but it may be a time for going back and discussing and correcting things from the past that have gone unaddressed. See all communication, even these kinds, being clear, loving and productive.

Take your candle and light it from the Mercury candle and place it back on the altar and then do the same with your partner’s candle.


Next take a few pinches of rose petals and dill and mix them up in your hand. Being careful not to burn yourself, sprinkle the herbs around the candles in a clockwise circle saying:


Clarity and understanding surround our love.
My heart hears yours and yours hears mine.
Nothing goes misunderstood for these next three weeks.
Nothing prevents clear communication between us for this Mercury Retrograde.
So mote it be!


Take a few moments to again see this positive and loving communication between you two only getting better despite any challenges that may arise. When you feel ready say a strong and meaningful:


Thank You, Universe.
Thank You, Earth.
Thank You, Sky.
Thank You, Divine.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
Blessed Be.


Allow the candles to all burn down completely.

Once the candles are out, take any left over wax, the herbs, and the two stones and place them in the center of your fabric. Gather up the corners and use the white ribbon to tie it closed. Keep this somewhere sacred, such as your altar or in a place in the home where you communicate the most. Leave it there for the full period of Mercury Retrograde.


When the retrograde is over take the two stones out and dispose of the rest by burying it on your property. If you live somewhere where this isn’t possible you might want to consider keeping a “spell remnants jar” where you can keep these things until Samhain, a time that’s ideal for burning and releasing all used spell items from the year.

The two stones can be sewn into a small pouch with more rose and dill and kept somewhere in the home or you can give one stone to your partner and keep one for yourself to carry as talismans of your love, connection, and understanding with one another.


Happy Seed Moon!

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