Congrats to the Augusta, GA Pagan Pride Day!

According to the Metro Spirit, an independent news source in Augusta, this year marked the first ever Pagan Pride Day in Augusta, GA and from all reports it went over quite well!  In fact, the wonderful Pagans of Augusta collected over 340 pounds of food and about $100 in their PPD food drive for the local food pantry.  They titled the food drive “It’s Spooky to be Hungry” which was cute and creative (and a bit seasonally appropriate).  So big congratulations are in order for local High Priest Joseph Zuchowski and High Priestess Jezibell Anat who organized the event which drew over 250 attendants.  Anat is hoping that the event will become one of the many annual PPD events around the world.  Let’s hope so and hope they continue to do good for their local Pagan and non-Pagan community throughout the year!   You can visit the Augusta, GA PPD Facebook page here.

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