Divining Through The Veil – A Samhain Divination Spread

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain everyone!

I’m getting here just in time to bring you a bit of Samhain divination for tonight. If you need any other insights for your Samhain celebrations be sure to check out the Samhain Roundup.

You’ll find info on…

  • Samhain customs and celebrations
  • creating a Samhain altar
  • honoring your ancestors
  • the thinning of the veil

And a bunch more!

But for now, here is my card spread for you for 2017. This can be used with tarot, oracle, runes, and casting charms.


Peeking Through The Veil

This spread is intended to help you get a sense of what the new spiritual year has in store. We are standing on the edge of a new year, a time when one cycle is ending and another is beginning. We aren’t predicting, per se, but we’re getting a sense of where our energy is heading at the moment.




1. What To Release
This is the deadweight, the dying leaves on your branches, the energies you need to release and let go of going into the new year.

2. Through The Veil
Standing at the edge of the Veil Between The Worlds you have a chance on Samhain night to peek through to the spirits on the other side. Who do you see and what do they say to you?

3. The Best the New Year Has To Offer
This card shows a bit of a general idea of the best things that you can expect during this new year.

4. The Best in Love
5. The Best in Money
6. The Best in Health

These three cards each give a look at the best of what you can expect in each of these areas in the new year.

7. What To Embrace 
This shows us a bit of what we need to embrace during the new year. It can be be something challenging, it could be a lesson we thought we’d already completed, or it could be something new we need to open up to.

8. Rooting To Manifest
This final card shows us ways we can root and ground our intentions and energies once we cross into the winter half of the year in order to manifest our best year, embrace these lessons, and make our desires and intentions come into reality.


Create a Spooky Atmosphere

No matter how seriously you approach your Samhain…or even your Halloween {because some of us take this shit really seriously}…atmosphere ends up being the thing that brings it all together. This oil blend can help create a warm but spooky {OK, not really} atmosphere.

Blend these oils as it and use in a diffuser or add them to a carrier oil like sweet almond or jojoba and wear as an anointing oil or magickal perfume.

3 drops Frankincense
3 drops Vanilla
2 drops Cedarwood
1 drop Sweet Orange
1 drop Cardamom
1 drop Clove

If you want to make this a little “spookier” add a drop or two each of a dark patchouli and petitgrain. Petitgrain especially…it kind of smells like the starting stages of death to me for some reason.


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