“Eastwick” goes *poof*

I don’t know if I’d say I’m terribly surprised by the news yesterday that the ABC is on the verge of canceling it’s new show “Eastwick“, the television spin-off of the film “The Witches Of Eastwick” which was based off the John Updike book of the same name (am I the only one who is starting to wonder if the world has run out of story ideas). The show which stars Rebbecca Romijn, Roxanne Torcoletti and Kat Gardener in roles based off the movie characters of Alex, Jane and Sukie, respectively, is not officially canceled. Word is that ABC declined to order any additional episodes, which means that nothing beyond what was originally shot for the season initially will be aired and a second season has not been decided on. ABC is planning to air the remaining episodes that it had produced. If TVGuide.com is any indicator, it looks like that means one more episode on November 25th however the season details on Wiki list the season finale as being slated for Spring 2010 (I would assume that was before this news).

Many reports of this abrupt end of the show have outright call the show a flop saying that ratings have dropped steadily since the show premiered in September. The show is in a slot that is up against Jay Leno’s new prime time show and “Eastwick” and consistently beat out Leno in the ratings, so that is really saying something about how badly that decision to move him to prime time really was! Either way, it looks like the fate of the witches of “Eastwick” will hang in the air for a little while before ABC finally pulls the plug altogether, which is pretty likely.

On several websites comments from readers ran the gambit of not really caring to people up in arms that a lighthearted show that isn’t a cop or hospital drama can’t manage to stay on the air. I’m getting these people don’t get the Hallmark Channel, WE or Oxygen. There’s lots of this sort of stuff over there if you’re looking for it! I personally never watched the show and can’t really wager in with a personal opinion. The idea of a TV version of one of my all time favorite movies with a Wisteria Lane meets The Power of Three make-over didn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I suppose in the end it’s all for the best because then I don’t have to worry about losing another show I like (I’m still not over the end of “The Soprano’s”).

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