Healing The Heart Chakra and Welcoming In Love

It’s February and that’s means Valentine’s Day!  Whether you have a partner or not, this can be little touchy of time for some people, especially those who are dealing with issues in the heart chakra.

Healing the heart center means more than just being able to give love but also receiving love.  When our heart center is healed and balanced every aspect of every relationship in our lives becomes more joyful and balanced.

Your heart center is fueled by your heart chakra, known in Sanskrit as the Anahata.  It’s located in the center of your chest and connects us to all aspects of love, emotions, self-worth and the empowerment that we feel when we are connected and balanced emotionally. Our heart chakra helps us connect to different kinds of lessons in our lives including how to trust others as well as ourself, being able to let go and forgive, how to give and receive compassion and being connected to unconditional love.

All of our chakras store energies and information, known sometimes as imprints.  These imprints can resonate throughout our lives, sometimes with good energies and memories and sometimes with painful ones. The heart chakra holds those heart strings, the things that tie us to the people, places and things that we hold so dear to us.

Each chakra can get blocked or become under-active when it gets weighed down.  Sometimes we let stress get to us and we don’t deal with it or we get sick and don’t deal with the energetic and emotional aspects of it. Anytime we deal with a loss, conflict, emotional turmoil or an illness, injury or accident we can end up with a blocked chakra. These lower vibrations accumulate in the energy field and disrupt the energy of the chakra.

Your chakras can also become overactive, which is another issue.  With the heart chakra this happens when we start to love and care too much, when we get emotionally attached and dependent on people and when we start to see ourselves as an emotional martyr of victim.

Our heart chakra is one that can get blocked quite often, and when we’re actively looking to change the love we give and receive in our lives this is often the center of our issues and concerns. By learning how to clear and open your heart chakra you’ll find that attracting positive relationships and love will be easier and more enjoyable.


Connect To Color

The color of the heart chakra is traditionally green, though pink is also sometimes associated with it. By wearing green, especially green tops, and by visualizing ourselves surrounded by the color green we can open and activate the chakra and heal it.

Take a few deep breaths, visualizing yourself inhaling bright emerald green energy and exhaling a dark grayish energy that is carrying away blocked energy. Do this until you naturally begin to see yourself exhaling clear energy.

You can also visualize yourself surrounded by a bubble of egg shaped ball of bright green energy.  As you stand surrounded in this energy feel it penetrating your skin and lighting up your energy, clearing away any dark, negative energy from your heart chakra.


Work With Crystals

One of the easiest ways to balance, open and activate any of your chakras is to placed cleansed and tuned crystals on them.  For the heart chakra you can work with green aventurine, jade, watermelon tourmaline, green tourmaline and malachite. Place the stone in the center of your chest over the heart center and close your eyes. Simply relax and listen to your body. You’ll know when the stone is ready to be removed. {P.S. In April the final Cosmic Wisdom Camp workshop for the first season will be happening – Healing The Sparkles: Natural Healing, Magic & Manifesting with Crystals.  So be on the lookout for that!}


Have Gratitude

Having genuine gratitude is one of the big ways to open the heart up to giving and receiving more. Start a simple gratitude practice by journaling about at least 3 things you’re grateful for on a daily basis.  You can also grab my free gratitude journal which will take you through 30 days of active gratefulness.


Have Patience and Be Forgiving

We often get impatient with ourselves and others which can cause our emotions to run super high and get blocked in our heart. When we don’t let go of these energies and emotions we aren’t able to let in the positive, joyful love we want. When we fill our hearts with anger, rage, resentment, regret and hurt there’s no room for love.

Working to let go of these lower energies and becoming forgiving to ourselves as well as those who have hurt us frees the heart center and opens it up to give and receive that love we deserve.

It takes time to heal the heart, so again, be patient with yourself. But the important thing is to start the process. When we work with the heart chakra to let go of things when one door closes so that we can be ready to receive when the next one opens we live with heart center energy that is light, bright and healthy.  When we learn to live and lead with the guidance from an open and healed heart center we can attract anything we desire.

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