Pisces Full Moon for September


Hey babes!  It’s that time again, full moon magic time!  This is one of my favorite full moons but it can be a tricky one.  Tomorrow, September 8th, is a Pisces full moon – a time for high sensitivity and heightened psychic awareness. This will also be the final of the three super moons for the year.

Pisces Full Moon MagicIf you’re a Pisces yourself you may find that this has you feeling super sensitive.  If you find it doesn’t take much to put you on the edge of tears, this is why.

But this is a great full moon to work with for healing, letting go and connecting more to your intuitive nature.  The night of the Pisces full moon is a great time to do a little dream work.  Dress a piece of moonstone in mugwort oil and place it under your pillow while you sleep to encourage memorable and insightful dreams.

What I want to share with you is a little tarot moon magic this month.  I do this with tarot but you can also use your favorite angel or oracle deck or other divination tool that you like working with.

Full Moon Reading Magic

This is an initial 8 card reading that will grow as you need it to over the month.  By working with a candle or generator crystal you add illumination and energy.  This spread is left up and actively worked with all month long and becomes a magical trigger, helping you attract what you need and release what you don’t.

For this you’re going to need:

  • Your chosen deck of cards or tool
  • A white or silver candle OR a generator quartz crystal
  • A place to keep your layout for the month
  • A pen and journal for notes

Since this is going to stay out until the next full moon it’s a good idea to NOT use your only deck of cards, especially if you plan to do readings during the month.

Set up your space and place your candle or crystal in the center.  If you’re using a candle you may wish to dress it with some oil.  You can use a blended oil for the full moon, for the sign of Pisces or for psychic empowerment.  Don’t have a blend?  Good old jasmine essential oil is perfect for this.

Light you candle if you’re using it.

Now, be careful!  You’re going to be creating a circle around the candle with your cards so don’t catch yourself or your cards on fire in the process.

Shuffle your cards and set your intention to receive information that you need for the month ahead.  The cards you’re going to pull are going to cover a handful of areas of your life, so don’t focus on any one issue, but instead keep it a bit open and free flowing asking the spirits to just let you know what you need to know for the month.

Lay your cards out in a circle going clockwise.  You’ll be pulling 8 cards:

  1. Relationships – What you need to know for the month about all your most key relationships.
  2. Money/Work – This covers your finances and work related energy for the month.
  3. Health – Here you’ll find what you need to know about your physical well being.
  4. Creativity – Creativity can cover a number of things so let your intuition guide you to what this speaks to.
  5. Blessings – These are the blessings you can expect from the month ahead.
  6. Growth – These are the challenges you can expect for the month ahead.
  7. Let Go – This is a sign of what you need to let go of during this moon cycle.
  8. Advice – Here you’ll find advice from your guides and Spirit about how to make the most of the month ahead.

Full Moon Circle Spread

This is an example of a Full Moon Circle Spread using the Steampunk Tarot.



Once you’ve laid out all the cards do a reading for yourself.   If you’re not sure where to start try looking at key points like:

  • Do any minor arcana cards repeat in the reading?  Does one suit dominate?
  • Is there a specific theme that keeps showing up?
  • Are there any specific numbers that repeat or dominate?
  • Are there animals in the cards and if so, is there one that comes up repeatedly?
  • Look at the color schemes – is there one that dominates?
  • Also, pay attention to the skies in the cards.  Are they clear or cloudy?

Once you’re done going over the cards individually and as a whole, make notes.  When you’re done for the moment with cards just take a few minutes to meditate on them, gazing at the cards and into the candle flame without a specific focus.  Ask for signs, messages and guidance on anything more you need to know right now.  When you feel you have received all you need for the moment, snuff out the candle.

Each day for about 5 minutes or so, come back to the card layout.  Take out your journal and light the candle.  Look at the cards and see what new information you can gain from them today.  As the month goes on you’ll find that new things start to pop up for you and draw your eye.  Each time you do this take a minute to ask for more guidance and meditate in silence for a few minutes and be open to receiving anything else you need.


  • As you do you reflecting when you’re not sure how you can make the most of a card, pair it with the Advice card.  For example, if you don’t know how to make your relationships better this month look at the Advice card.  Literally pull them out and put them next to each other and see how this changes things for you.

    Sword and 3 of Pents

    Pull them from the spread and put them together. If you were walking from card 1 into card 2 how would it feel? What would you experience?

  • Leave your cards out all month and keep checking in.  As the month goes on you may want to pull cards from your deck to add to the circle.  For instance if you’re starting to see things around your job shaking up and signs for your Money/Work card showing up you may want to pull a card to get more insight.  Just put it next to that card in the circle and leave it there for the rest of the month.

    5 of Swords 6 of Cups

    Add cards over the month and make your circle bigger and in-depth.

  • When the month comes to an end, a few days before the next full moon, give your full reading, including any additional cards that were brought into it a good look over.  How did the month play out for you?  How well did you do with letting go and growing?

You can do this at any full moon but this is particularly great at the Pisces and Scorpio full moons since they are deeply connected to psychic energies.

At the end of the month before putting everything away just say a little thank you and offer some gratitude to Spirit for all the guidance and little nudges during the month.

Let me see your tarot circle!

Take a pic and share it in the comments down below and let me see what your next moon cycle is going to look like.  Let’s read it together!

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