Spell for Sending Protection Against Irma

That bitch Irma is causing some problems. And it’s just going to get worse.

For those of us not anywhere near the storm path it’s really frustrating. What can we do? We can donate some money, donate blood, donate supplies, all that usual stuff. But us Witches can do a bit more.

First, you have to remember that we cannot stop the storm. Nor should we.

This isn’t about trying to change the weather or stop the storm. The storm is going to happen no matter what and there are reasons why it’s coming. If you know anything about the Orishas and you’re familiar with Oya, you’ll know the power that comes with these storms on a spiritual level.

Spiritually these storms are all about the Divine doing some clearing. Whatever name you want to give that force, there is a bit of that in the storm. But let’s be a little non-woowoo for a second and remember that Global Warming is a thing and naturally that is playing a role. But the Gods aid the storms as well and it’s a powerful cleansing.

I know it’s hard to accept that these things are Divine, especially when we know the distraction and loss of life that will come, but when we accept that the Divine is in everything both light and dark, we accept these storms as part of that Divine manifestation.

So knowing that we can’t stop the storm what we can do is lend a little healing and protection.

We’re doing a simple spell for this…



Emergency Spell for Protection During Hurricane Irma


You’ll Need:

  • 1 black candle
  • 9 blue stones of any kind {agate, calcite, angelic, sodalite, etc…anything blue, and they can be different stones}
  • 5 bay leaves
  • Protection Oil {you can substitute with single essential oils like sage, mugwort or vervain}
  • a printed map of the storm region


Start by taking your candle and dressing with your oil going in long downward strokes from the top of the candle down to the base. Place it in a candle holder.

Next take your map and lay it flat on your altar.

Take four of your bay leaves and add a drop of oil to the center of each. Getting an idea of the current path and placement of the storm place each of the bay leaves in the four corners of the storms path on the map. This is going to create a rough “box” around the area. As you do this imagine that each of the bay leaves is like a bacon shining protection out onto the area within the “box.”

Next, place your final bay leaf in the center of the “box” and place the candle on top of it.

Light the candle and say:


“I light this candle and call on protection against the destruction of this storm. I ask that the Gods, guardians, and angels fill this area with protection. May the power of Fire cast a light of hope on those within it.”


Next place your nine stones along the projected path of the storm seeing that as you place these that each blue stone is bringing an energy of cooling and calming.

Once you’re done, take a moment to gaze on the flame and direct energy into the box. If you practice Reiki you can direct Reiki energy here to everyone in the box. If you know how to do other energy work like sending light, work to send white light with other speckles in it like gold for Divine protection and pink for love and healing. Take as much time as you’d like for this. You can also chant, sing, drum, shake a rattle, whatever you can do to raise energy.

When you’re doing raising this energy, direct it to this space. Visualize the people that are still there and the space itself doesn’t see a worst case scenario. Remember, we can’t stop it and we can’t expect that there will be no damage, but we want to see less damage than might be expected.

Visualize a dome of silver light over the space in the box and say:


“By the power of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water
By the unseen hand of the Sacred Divine
Please protect this space and all within it.
We honor your rage and fury,
We accept that you bring this lesson for a reason.
We ask that by the power of this spell
And the love we have for all in your path
That all people, animals, all sacred spaces and beings
Be protected against harm.
So mote it be!”


Allow your candle to burn out.

Leave this all set up on your altar for the remainder of the storm. You can come back and burn more candles, you can meditate and send light and energy into the space or do anything else here that you feel you need to.

Once the storm is over, take your bay leaves, and if possible, toss them in a moving body of water to let them go. If you don’t have a way to do this you can bury them. I wouldn’t burn them because we want to keep the protection “alive” just incase there is any kind of secondary storm that might roll through.


{While I wrote this with Irma in mind you could easily save this and bring it out for any other major storm in the future, just adjusting things to suit the specific situation.} 


Now, go out there, do some magick, and if you’re in the path of this fucking bitch of a storm, stay safe.


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