Witching 2018

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Witching 2018 is a PDF ebook that contains two sections, one dedicated as a planner and the other filled with magickal information. Witching 2018 is designed to have not only thinking of your appointments for the year but it also has you thinking about how you live a magickal, witchy life every day.

There are tons of magickal planners popping up these days. But, to me, all of them were lacking something. They all feel more like just a planner and not so magickal despite having astrological info and some witchy looking artwork.

I wanted to create something that wasn’t just a planner but something that would be more like a Book of Shadows for the year.

That’s what Witching 2018 is. It’s a planner wrapped up in a Book of Shadows all designed to help you not only track your appointments and events for the year but to track your magick as well.

Inside you’ll find over 350 pages of pages for planning, dreaming, and working magick. You’ll also find tons of spells, recipes, and tarot/oracle card spreads written by me direct from my own Book of Shadows.


Here’s what you get:

  • 52 Weekly Planning Sheets
  • Weekly Magickal Prompts, Book of Shadows Pages, and Magickal Tips
  • Monthly Tarot/Oracle Card Spread for the Full Moon
  • Spell of the Month for each month
  • Reflection and Intention Setting Journaling for 2018
  • Space for a 2018 Tarot/Oracle Reading for the Year
  • Magickal Info on the Moon Phases, Monthly Full Moon Energies, Moon Signs, and Planetary Magick
  • 2018 Moon Void of Course tables
  • How to Calculate Planetary Hours for the Year
  • Magickal and Sabbat Correspondences
  • Crystals for Magickal Use
  • Common Herb Substitutions
  • Additional Spells and Magickal Recipes
  • and more!

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