Beat Mercury Retrograde with Candle Magic


How’s this Mercury Retrograde treating you so far?  We’re a few days into this 3 week journey and I have to say that the pre-shadow of this one felt stronger than the last couple full Mercury Retrograde, at least for me.

So to catch you up a little on a few past posts, we’ve talked about some of the tools for Mercury Retro with The Ultimate Guide to Mercury Retrograde and I’ve given you a little experiment to try to see how the way we anticipate Mercury Retrograde to play out can make or break those three weeks.  Now, how about some magic!

Right now enrollment is open for Playing With Fire, the next session of my  Cosmic Wisdom Camp course series.  Playing With Fire is all about making magic and working rituals with candles.  Since I’m steeped in candle goodness while getting ready for the session to start I thought I’d share a few candle rituals you can use if Mercury Retrograde starts to feel a bit hinky for you.


Reverse The Effects of Mercury Retrograde

While you can’t completely reverse what has already happened you can certainly start to undo the damage and work to turn around the negative effects of Mercury Retrograde so far with this candle ritual.  It’s also great as preventative magic.  So if you know you have to travel or you have a presentation for work during Mercury Retrograde you can do this to help keep you prepared and protected.

You’ll Need:

  • a light blue or silver taper candle
  • candle holder
  • knife

The first thing you’ll want to do is butt your candle. This is when you cut the tip off the candle, flip it upside down and create a new tip out of the bottom of the candle.  This turns any candle in a reversing candle, which is what we’re doing here – reversing the energy of Mercury Retrograde in our lives.   The top part of the candle, where your new candle tip is, is the reversing half of your candle.  The bottom half becomes a tool for attracting something.  Here we’re going to attract protection against any further Mercury Retro problems.

MercCandlesOnce you’ve done this use the knife to carve a notch in the center of the candle to mark where the reversal part will end and where the attracting part will begin.  Carve the symbol for Mercury into the wax in the reversal section of the candle.  Carve a shield into the attracting half.

When you’re done hold the candle between both hands at your heart center and pray for any negative effects that Mercury Retrograde has had so far to be turned back and for you to receive protection and blessings against any other possible problems for the rest of Mercury Retro.  When you feel intuitively that you’re done and the candle is ready, place it in your candle holder.

Light the candle and let it burn all the way down in one lighting {this may mean planning ahead so that you can be sure to let it burn all at once}.


Access The Inner Power of Mercury Retrograde

This little ritual involves working with a short candle lighting and meditation throughout the whole of Mercury Retrograde {or from whatever is left when you start this}.  Mercury Retro provides a great opportunity for us to turn inward and work powerful meditation to access deep inner wisdom to plan our actions for after the retrograde ends.  We just tend to be a little too on edge to do it.  This is a great way to make use of these three weeks so you can take some powerful action when it’s all over.

You’ll Need:

  • a light blue birthday candle for each day left during Mercury Retro
  • a birthday candle holder {like the kinds that go into a cake}
  • a little putty {like poster putty or even Silly Putty}
  • small plate or saucer
  • {optional} a journal, pen and tarot or oracle cards

Each day during the rest of Mercury Retrograde set aside about 15 minutes for inner focus and meditation.  Come to your meditation with a specific question or situation in mind that needs inner wisdom.  Have your journal, pen and cards handy to use during the meditation.

Place the pointy end of the candle holder into the putty on a plate.

Hold your candle in your hands and focus on feeling yourself being able to sink into your deep wisdom and connecting to your Higher Self to gain access to any and all knowledge and information that you need.  Place the candle in the holder.

Light the candle and close your eyes and visualize yourself floating out into the cosmos and then landing in any place in nature, time and space that you feel comfortable.  When you get there you meet with your Higher Self who helps you to answer any questions that you have.

Use your cards and make notes in your journal about the answers you gain to your questions daily.


Sweeten Yourself

Sometimes one of the biggest things we come against is feeling like we’re under so much pressure that we lose our cool.  Making yourself sweeter to yourself and to others, helping you to be a little less likely to end up taking things wrong since communication is often one of the biggest things effected during Mercury Retrograde.

There are all different kinds of ways to do sweetening work, like honey jars, but a sugar candle is what I’d recommend here.

You’ll Need:

  • a light blue taper candle
  • lavender essential oil
  • powdered sugar
  • candle holder
  • wax paper
  • sifter

Lay out some wax paper and with the sifter create a thin layer of sugar on the wax paper.

Hold your candle and visualize yourself being extra kind, open hearted and sweet to yourself and others during Mercury Retrograde.  Use the oil to generously anoint the candle.

With the candle wet with oil, roll it through the sugar a few times doing your best to cover the sides of the candle.   Place it in the candle holder.

Light the candle and take a few minutes to sit with it, visualizing a gentle, sweet feeling, light blue bubble of energy wrapping itself around you.  Let the candle burn down and repeat during Mercury Retro if you feel you need a sweetness boost.


Want to learn more about candle rituals?

Candle rituals are simple and effective and can help you deal with just any situation you can imagine.  Come get all the details about how you can come hang out with me for 4 weeks learning how to work with candles to manifest what your heart desires.  Enrollment for Playing With Fire is open through February 1st and we begin on February 2nd!

Cosmic Wisdom Camp February 2015



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  • Sam
    August 30, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    This is exactly what I need and will be performing most of these rituals within a few days and with my own spin on them of course. Thanks! I also have a website that will be my online book of shadows. I hope we can be friends when it’s done ^…^


  • Amy
    August 31, 2016 at 1:39 pm

    Hey Jess, I have a question about the first spell (Reverse The Effects of Mercury Retrograde). When you light the candle do you light it from the reserving end, or the attracting end? Thanks!

    • Jess Carlson
      August 31, 2016 at 1:41 pm

      If you know how to carve and work with the reversing end and you feel more called to do that, go for it! I didn’t get into that here because that’s like a WHOLE other post explaining how that works since a lot of people aren’t familiar with that practice. 😉