Foreclosures and Witches in Salem

I shared this on Facebook but no conversation really ensued (some “likes” but no chit chat) but I’m really curious to know people’s thoughts on this.  As everyone knows Salem is a city with a great deal of magickal and energetic history, and in turn it can have a lot of superstitious people, the kind of people who think bad or negative spirits are partly responsible for them losing their homes.  I love house blessings and I think that doing a house blessing before moving into a new place is important.  It’s the spiritual and energetic version of cleaning the bathroom before you use it first.  I am one of those people that, even though it might look like the bathroom was cleaned in a place I’m moving into, I give the whole thing a nice bleachy scrub down before I’m going to use it.  That’s how I see house blessings; it’s like the bleach-filled bathroom cleaning “just in case” when you move.  It’s not necessary but it’s a great safety net and it reassures you that everything is clean and clear and ready for you.

So watch this video and tell me what you think.  How do you feel about Witches partnering with local real estate companies and agents to do house blessings before new people move into a property.  Would you request that the real estate agent have a house blessing done as part of your closing?  Or do you think that people are possibly being a little too superstitious in the Witch City?

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  • Gwydion
    February 1, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    In my opinion if they request it specifically – if they feel that they need a blessing of this sort, then they probably do. I would have mixed feelings if they were just doing this to every house, but since it is an individual decision – ‘whatever works’ 😉