Relight Your Fire at Imbolc

Imbolc will be upon us on February 2nd {though astrologically it will be February 3rd this year}. This is the mid-point of the winter seasons, a time to get excited that spring is on the way and to breathe a sigh of relief that winter is going to come to an end. Winter Solstice is in the past, and Spring Equinox is on the way!

Imbolc {pronounced I’m-BOL-k} means “in the belly” from the Irish “I bolg” and “ewe’s milk” from the world “oimelc.” In agricultural society this would be the time of year when the ewes would become pregnant, having babies, and producing milk. It was the first signs of life in a season of death and emptiness.

But there are other small changes happening too. The sun is starting to set a tiny bit later each day. It might only be noticeable by a few minutes, but it gets longer and longer as the days go on. Small flowers, like snowdrops and crocuses, begin to peek out from the snow and frozen earth. These little signs of life would be reminders to our ancestors that even below the frozen ground, life was preparing to spring forth.

Also known as Candlemas and St. Brigit’s Day or Brigid’s Day, it’s a celebration in the Celtic traditions for the Goddess Brigid. Her name means “fiery arrow” or “bright arrow” and is the goddess of craftsmanship, smithing, poetry, healing, and midwifery. She is the powerful spark for the flame in the darkness of winter that we all need at this time of year. We honor and thank Brigid for blessings of power, light, fire, and life. We call on her to help light those flames within and to point her arrow in the direction we need to go to guide us closer to our goals.


Last year I shared one of my favorite rituals for Imbolc, the Sacred Well ritual, something I used to do as a public ritual when I was involved with those kinds of groups. This year I wanted to share something a little different.

Imbolc is a very introspective point on the well. Like the earth, we’re only just starting to feel the stirrings of life and creativity. And this year we have a huge mishmash of energy happening at the same time. By the time you’re reading this we’re already experienced the Full Super Blue Blood Moon in Leo {damn, that’s a mouthful}. This energy is huge!

Full Moon – always a great time for endings and culmination
Super Moon – that energy is even closer than normal, so we might feel it more strongly
Blue Moon – and we get a second dose of it in January
Blood Moon – that means there’s a lunar eclipse, so we get ALLLLL the moon phases in one night
Leo – a time for addressing courage, self-love, pride, and accomplishment

The Full Moon, Super Moon, and Eclipse all being in the energy of release, endings, and massive change. If you didn’t feel this in some form, you might need to get that cosmic antenna of yours retuned.


For me personally, I tossed and turned all night before the full moon officially happened here on the west coast. I woke up at about 6:30 in the morning, wide away, and went to do the dishes {still in my PJs} because I felt like something was really wrong. I felt IMMENSELY annoyed by just life for some reason.

One of the things with this moon cycle, and then the fact that it rolls into Imbolc is that feeling this sort of uneasy feeling around your purpose, your reason for being, and the direction your life is headed is not at all uncommon. It makes sense!

So with all of this, I wanted to share not a ritual or spell, but some reflective work.

Here’s a handy-dandy fillable Imbolc ritual workbook for you! It has a reading spread, some journaling questions, and a copy of my Sacred Well Imbolc Ritual.



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Turn this into a full on ritual of your own by adding some candles {yellow, gold, pale green, and white for Imbolc and maybe a blue one for the moon} and some fiery incense like amber, cinnamon, and cedar.

Set Your Intention

Before you sit down to pull cards and work on the journal questions, set the intention to reconnect with your purpose, to understand better what it is that your focus needs to be right now, and ask for Brigid to point you in the right direction.

Here’s a prayer of my own that you might like to use:

Goddess Brigid,
Tender of the Sacred Well,
Keeper of the Sacred Flame,
I ask for your guidance and blessings.
Shoot your fiery arrow to light my path.
Ignite the darkness,
Light my way,
Guide me with your creative power.
Show me what is missing and I cannot see.
So mote it be!


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