When Psychics Get It Wrong – plus 5 tips for getting the best reading

Last week I was having a fun little online chat with some other intuitive readers and psychics.  We were talking about the craziness that IS October.  There’s no doubt that around Halloween time readers and psychics get inundated with clients and reading requests, especially last minute ones.  We started talking about just how busy we all were then we started talking about how we each deal with the stress of the season along with streams of new clients we haven’t worked with before which gave way to the discussion of how to deal with disappointed clients.  These are the people that get a reading and either leave unhappy because they didn’t hear what they wanted to hear or the reader tried to predict an outcome or give verifying information for the client and they get something wrong.

All readers get things wrong from time to time.  We’re human!  There is also the sad and unfortunate fact that there are some scam artists out there, and there is also the fact that every reader is in their own place on their spiritual path with their abilities.


Not all readers are the same and it’s important for you to vet your reader and own your role in picking who you pick to work with.  Know what kind of reader you’re getting.  For example, I’m not a “tarot reader” despite the fact that I use tarot in my readings.   Some readers are “by the book” readers who are going to just give you a short reading by telling you the meanings of the cards and then summing it up with how it fits your situation.


I’m an intuitive reader and intuitive tarot counselor {that’s what I’m actually certified as}. My work, and others who read like me, are different.  When I read I give the intuitive reading information but also actionable steps, guidance, advice, and magical and metaphysical guidance on how to create change.



Getting started with doing a big reading session for a client.
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When it comes to a reader not knowing an answer or giving you guidance that turns out to be wrong, there is one really big reason, I believe, that we get that result from a reading.


Sometimes you just aren’t meant to know.


That’s right.  It’s simple, it’s easy, almost too easy.  But it’s also true.  Sometimes you just aren’t meant to know something in the moment that you’re asking about it.


There are big teaching moments for us in the times of not knowing.  If we know everything, if we have all the answers to all our questions handed to us without effort, knowing what to expect at ever turn, we don’t learn.  Sometimes we learn the biggest and best lessons by experiencing the missteps and issues that come with not knowing an answer, or thinking we know an answer and actually having wrong information.


Sometimes the messages also aren’t meant to come through a psychic!  Sometimes you need to be the one to uncover the message yourself and the job of the reader is just to hold up a mirror for you and guide you toward the experience you were meant to have.


It’s possible that things haven’t lined up yet for an outcome or answer to be known.  There may be a step you haven’t taken or lesson you haven’t learned before you can manifest this thing you’re asking about.  It’s not the time to know.


The reading and the outcome you have from it is divinely planned, no matter what experience you have.
It’s meant to happen the way it does for a reason.


It’s also possible that right now in this moment things are moving in a direction that says “YES, this time you want you’re going to get”, but then because of how you act based on that information something changes.   But often if you just keep doing what you’ve been doing things usually keep on the same path.


I look at it this way…
Readings are a great way to see and hear what you need right now.  The point of getting a reading should be to help you see where you need to make changes, if you need to make changes, what what you’re doing.   Here’s the big secret though…


The outcome is on YOU!


Now my little PSA…

5 Tips To Get A Great Reading!


Your reader isn’t superhuman.

Your reading only has her or his own life experience to filter messages through.  I know a lot of people get uncomfortable when a reader asks them a question in a reading about something they are receiving, but this is the only way we can really know something is accurate for you.  If your reader says “I’m getting this image of a playground behind a school with a big tree in it, does this sound familiar to you,” it’s not only OK to answer but it’s important for your reader that you answer, are honest, and open to their information.  You’re a co-collaborator in your reading!


Your path can change!

When you come for a reading you’re getting your reading based on where you are right now and what is happening in your life at the moment.  The point of the reading is to help you see where you’re headed based on what you’re doing currently as well as to reflect back to you guidance and information in your life that you might not be seeing.  Sometimes we’re just too close to the situation and our reader helps us see the light!  But all this means that your path is likely to change if you change! If you got the same reading two weeks from now it would likely have a different outcome.  Everything is fluid and nothing is written in stone.  Be open to change!


Everything begins and ends with your honesty!

You MUST be honest with your reader.  If you want to play “Test The Psychic” you have no one but yourself to blame for a bad reading.  Your reader does not know everything about you by looking at you or sitting down with you.  But I mean really…would you want them to?!  How creepy would that be!  So when you sit down with your reader for a session and you give them inaccurate info or you are vague with answering their questions or giving the initial info for your reading, you’re only hurting yourself.  As readers we follow a thread of energy and that thread starts with you and what you share initially, so the more accurate that is the better your reading will be.


Be open to receiving!

Don’t be afraid of your reader and don’t be afraid of what your reader is going to tell you.  When you come with fear you create an initial block that makes it hard for your reader to get a true connection.  In a lot of ways doing a reading is like putting together pieces of a puzzle or being a detective investigating a crime scene.  We have to sort out what’s happening and connect the dots.  When you’re afraid and blocked it’s hard to get those pieces to fit because, inevitably, something is going to be hidden and missing.  You made the choice to have a reading and you picked your reader so have faith in them!


Always walk away open for more!

It’s always possible that when you had your reading something that you believed to be wrong was actually more accurate than you knew at the time because you may not have had all the facts and information yet.  When you are done with a reading and you leave your reader be open to seeing the messages to keep coming and unveil themselves to you.



Don’t ask a reader Yes/No questions because they always lead to the bigger, more important question you really want to ask.  And don’t ask “should I” questions.  If you’re asking a “should I” question you already know your have reasons to do what you’re asking about doing.  Don’t go to a reader for permission to take action in your life.  Instead use your reading to dig deeper into the issue.  Rather than asking “Should I get a divorce” ask “What is the underlying problem in my marriage that has me considering divorce?”

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  • Angel
    November 15, 2013 at 3:10 am

    Wonderful advice 🙂 a good reading does require a gifted reader, but as well as this it requires honesty and open-mindedness from yourself!


  • Janine
    May 29, 2015 at 3:40 pm

    Once I had a reader tell me my current boyfriend wasn’t “the one” and that he was too selfish. I remember thinking how wrong this information felt (although I do admit it messed with my head). I did some soul searching and I felt like he was “the one” –and whatever she had to say, really, didn’t matter. I’m still glad for her reading because it challenged me to dig deep and see how important my boyfriend was (and still is) to me.

    We’re presented with information all the time, we just need to determine if it resonates with our soul and see if it’s “wrong” or “right”…our readers are just the messengers. And who knows–maybe my reader was given the wrong information in order to test my dedication? I would have never ended up where I am today without her reading and for that I am grateful.

  • xxetherealpotionxx
    February 5, 2016 at 3:02 am

    It’s pretty good advice. I’ve been reading for 23 years. I started back in the 90’S. I read tarot, and I’m good at it. My first deck of cards were given to me, and thankfully they were. Everything I say, most relate to it. I do lifetime readings from things birth to death. I do not only the future but the past as well. Sometimes it’s all in chronological order and sometimes the cards skip around on me. The thing I’ve found with predicting, it’s all perception until it happens. I don’t tell ppl what they want to hear, but what I see.